Thursday, November 29, 2007

offer accepted! :0)

FINALLY-after four days of negotiations....our offer has been accepted on the other house. Woo Hoo! we just have to sell ours! Minor detail, right? :0)
Actually, things have been going well. Monday, our house went on the market, Tuesday we had our first walk-through, Wednesday we had a caravan of real estate agents through (17 of them!), and today, we had a second walk-through with the guy that came through on Tuesday. Not bad activity for being on the market for just 4 days!
Hopefully, someone will like our house enough to make an offer....and ideally, we will get more than one bidder.....and maybe even get our asking price!! (I might be pushing it there.....!!)

I am still working on my application--but I have to admit, my effort has been sporatic. I do need to get on with it, though. I am feeling it in my gut, that my interview will happen in the next couple of weeks. A teacher asked me about it today, and even mentioned a question that will most probally be asked in interview time...... I thought it was nice that she shared the question with me. Basically, she said she always felt it was a hard question....and decided to give me a heads up! So, here is the question:
"Teachers wear many hats. What hat won't you wear?"

I guess I reacted in the same way all the other interviewers did in the past.....because she kind of laughed, and said, "I know. I always wondered what kind of answer he was looking for with that question." I guess I will have to ponder that one.


deanna said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like you might get an offer soon from that one guy. Wow!

What hat won't you wear? Hmmm.... how about the lunch recess duty hat! LOL

kerry said...

KIM! i'm so excited about your offer being accepted!! WOOHOOO! that's so exciting! and a relief i'm sure.

as far as that interview question, i think you should treat it like you're in a miss america/usa pageant or something...somehow just work in "world peace" and you'll be good to go!

can't wait to hear what happens next with your house!

kimsilver said...

You girls are so funny....maybe I can figure out a way to combine those two answers.

Dawn said...

Hooray! That's awesome! We'll pray your house sells quickly. Do you have a closing date? Guess you can't til your house sells.

Wow...I want a new house, everyone else is getting one...:)

Love you!

Mom said...

GREAT NEWS!! Now for your house...have you heard back from the guy that walked through? We'll talk tomorrow...

I love deanna's and kerry's application question answers! Maybe you could work in snotty nose or butt wiping too.

Love you!