Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a copy cat

So....loved the signature on Dawn's blog (older, high achieving, loved sister) so I copied the idea.
Now I have a cool siggy too! Thanks, Dawn!

my older sister

My sister puts me to shame. Seriously.
I have been doing my blog for quite some time. It seems I go through waves of posting and then not posting. I may go a month with 20 posts, and then I will go three months with just 2 posts. My posts are random, and most likely fairly boring. I know this because, after a couple of years doing this thing.....I still only have a few followers. AND....they are family. Or very close friends who want to be nice.

Anyway--my sister......
yeah--what you need to know about her is, she does everything well. She was one hard act to follow growing up, I tell you. You know, excellent grades, scholarships, leadership type skills, social, pretty, popular in school and our youth group.....AND (some nerve....) totally loveable to boot. I remember many times wanting to hate her, just because unfortunately all of her talents just stressed my own weaknesses to me. But, hating her just wasn't an option. I loved her too much. And for the most part, she was always rooting for me.

Fast forward to us as adults. She still does everything well. Still has better taste, still has no problems making friends, still is looked up to by many, still pretty, still sweet, still very loved by me. I am okay with not doing everything as well as her. It is an accepted fact of life for me. And....I venture to say, I may even possibly do some (although definitely not many....) things better than her....although, I am not sure what those things are yet. :0)

Blogging is not one of them. She has become quite good at it! She naturally made friends in blogland, and has managed to find followers that aren't family, or close friends. WOW! I am impressed. Truly. She writes about important things, and random things, and is able to sound like herself, and make me smile, laugh and cry.

Her blog is a good read! I encourage you to read it if you don't already. The link to it is in the sidebar of my blog to the right. It is called "theGoodlife". I'd put a link right here in my post if I knew how, but I don't. (Of course, my older sister knows how to do that also....maybe she can teach me sometime.) And while I am on the topic of sisters who blog, I should tell you that my younger sister has a wonderful blog too....."beebabble" in that same list of blogs to the right. She doesn't post as much (like me)--but when she does, it is something worth reading, for sure. (and Kerry....I hope you know that you are amazing, too. SO amazing. I love you beyond words, and you are a wonderful, talented, and beautiful person. For some reason this post just went in the direction of following in the footsteps of an achieving older sister.) :0)

Aren't I blessed? Not everyone has such talent and sweetness in their families. I am truly thankful.

AND....I will try to work on my blogging skills.