Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family day

We had a family day today.....
We got up at 7:30 for a 9am church service at Christ Community Church. This is not our usual church--but we had soccer games, starting at noon today, and Fox Valley Bible Church (our church for the last 16 years) only has one service now, which doesn't let out until noon. So, rather than miss church again, we decided to go to another church this morning. We told the kids this church would be a bit is a Mega Church, it is HUGE. Ben was not keen about going somewhere else....but we told him to think of it as an "experience". It was. Two large screens flanked the stage, advanced media and lights accompanied every song, scripture reading, and announcement. Nathan announced mid-service that he wanted to switch churches, this one was "awesome".......Jake was fascinated by the colored dancing lights and big production of everything, and announced in the car coming home that even though he saw his school principal there, he'd like to go this church from now on, too. I enjoyed the worship time, believe it or not, even though generally I am much more conservative now than when I was younger. Matt mentioned that he really appreciated the sermon, (as did I), and in true dad form, noticed the efficiency of the people guiding traffic in the parking lot. Ben, who I was convinced would have loved the music, and would declare the guitar solos "amazing".....said simply "I didn't like it". Maybe it all was a bit too much. Of course, Ben was not happy most of the day--we were terribly unfair to him apparently, saying that today would be a "family day" and we would be spending the whole day together as a family. Which of course, for a teenager is complete and utter torture.
After briefly coming home and changing clothes, and me preparing sandwiches, veggies, chips, and drinks to bring in the cooler for a picnic lunch, we were off to the soccer games.
Without boring you with too many details....Nathan won his game, 4-2. Jacob lost his game (and undefeated streak) in Penalty Kicks. Matt uncharacteristically almost got himself in trouble with the ref for yelling about an unfair call (usually he is much more quiet than this). The boys occupied themselves with kicking the ball around between games, and joking around with eachother a bit (when Ben wasn't making a point of telling us how UNFAIR it was to make him come to the games today.)
By the time we made it back home, it was 5:30pm. We were all a bit tired, sunkissed and wind "damaged"....and by that I mean, chapped lips, dry mouthed, and hair completely windblown (me, anyway!) Ben tried to go off with a friend immediately....again very obviously "ticked" when we told him NO. We were going to go out to eat together, too, for dinner.
How cruel can parents be??? We had dinner at Baker's Square, and while Ben started off the meal with a very grouchy demeanor, I daresay he cracked a smile or two by the end of his French Dip.
When we got home, all pooped and full.....we decided to watch "Chuck" a new show that both Ben and Matt had seen before, but wanted to see again. (We TiVo-ed it, I guess.) I decided that I actually liked this show, even though I prejudged it as being one I would dislike strongly.
All in was a nice day, even though the number of disagreements among kids and parental units was more than my liking.....(mostly just with the determined teenager trying to beg for friend time).
I suppose, so you don't think we are ogres, I should mention that Ben did get to spend Friday night at the High School Homecoming game, and then Saturday evening at a friend's house for three hours. We really were NOT trying to just take away the fun of being a teen. :0) I just wish spending time with us was one of his "Top Ten Things to Do" on a weekend! :0) But, as I have been told--this would be going against the inate characteristics of the teen species.
And to think, this is just the first time we are going through this!! Two more "I think the world should revolve around me", hormone driven, cranky-pants, coming up before we know it. God prepare my heart......and give me the patience and energy necessary to survive!

my kind of soul :0)

I followed this "test" link from my friend Deanna's Blog, and always approach these things with a sense of humor--and mostly do them "just for fun". This one, however, described me fairly accurately. (In my opinion, anyway....) I especially loved reading the line about me being a great thinker, and communicator, but not necessarily a doer. This cracked me friend Kerri and I have spoken about this many times. We worked together in ministry, and have laughed about how I am the one to come up with a lot of ideas....but she is the one that follows through. I am the one to stand up in front of the room to communicate whatever we need to communicate.....but she is quietly the backbone of getting anything done. :0)

Anyway, for what it is worth.....

You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone.
Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people.
Sometimes this faith can lead to disappoinment in the long run.
No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way.

You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle.
Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings.
A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning.
You are a great thinker and communicator, but not necessarily a doer.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, we are back from the doctor, and Jacob has somewhat what I expected. He has bad acid reflux--causing all the problems he has been having....including the throwing up yesterday. His upper abdomen was tender to the doctor's touch, and his lower abdomen is not bothering him. When he answered all of Dr. Zeddies questions, he said--"I am pretty convinced we are dealing with excess acid." He wants him to take 40mg a day of PepCid (20mg morning and night) for 6-8 weeks, hopefully seeing improvement after just one week. He told us to let him know if the Pepcid does not give him relief, or if it comes right back once he goes off it in 8 weeks.
I am relieved. This is a simple solution. I am also glad that Jacob doesn't have to go for another upper GI. (SO IS HE!) Clark (the way Matt and I affectionately refer to Dr. Zeddies....) also mentioned that pop and caffiene can aggravate it, and citrus-y things. I mentioned that Jake has to drink 20 oz. of Gatorade after each soccer practice--and Dr. Z. said we should only have him drink about half that amount so his stomach doesn't get aggravated. (He even said he'd write Michael D. a note about it.) He wasn't saying all the kids shouldn't partake in Gatorade after an hour and a half of hard fitness.....but he wants Jacob to take it easy, and drink mostly water with half the Gatorade amount. Fine with me! Those things are expensive! :0)

So--we will carry on, paying a bit more attention to what Jacob puts inside his body, and take PepCid to combat the acid, and I think he's good to go! :0)

soap opera shock

Since when did soap operas start at 9am?? I was shocked to discover while flipping channels looking for some news programs that there are actual soap operas on this early in the day. I just happened upon "Guiding Light" and the reason I didn't flip right past it, was because something caught me by surprise. I actually saw a character reading a Bible, sitting on a park bench. Then another character approached and told him that a new position opened up at one of the local churches....and that they wanted him to be the new pastor. Is that possible? Of course, the longer I listened the more obvious it became that the writers did not know how these things really worked.....and that they themselves were writing what they "thought" a "very religious" person would say. I gotta give them credit though, for even putting this kind of topic in a storyline usually dedicated to things like murder, missing long lost family members, evil twins, and adultery---right? :0)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

doctor's appointment

We will be visiting Dr. Zeddies at 11:20 tomorrow (Friday). Both Jake and I will be missing school. I hope the doctor will be able to enlighten us to what is going on with jacob. Poor thing threw up twice today, still has the burning stomach, lightheadedness, and says he is "hot" on the inside. (no fever). ?????? Watch us find out it is something completely random, like strep throat. I think it is acid reflux at the very least.

mystery pains

Poor jacob. Last year, Jacob missed quite a bit of school (you are allowed to miss 17 days legally....he missed 16) mostly because of stomach pains and nausea. We finally had to do formal testing on him at the hospital last Winter. The testing was awful for him--he did an upper GI test, where he had to drink Barium (chalky white liquid that contains Barium) so they could x-ray the process, to see if he had a suspected ulcer. I was in there with him, and as he choked down the barium (over and over) with tears streaming down his cheeks, I had every motherly instinct to want to just pull him out of there. Knowing full well at the time that we had to do this, and that this procedure was absolutly MINOR compared to the horrifying procedures other little children need to endure to diagnose or cure an illness. Anyway, the test was inconclusive, as they didn't find anything to explain why he was having repeated stomach issues. The doctor prescribed generic PEPCID and after a week, the symptoms went away and haven't revisited to the extent of what they were until now.

For the last week and a half, Jacob has been having severe stomach pains (burning sensation, accompanied with nausea, on and off). It has been the worst at night, and soccer practice/games, and sitting still in school has been very difficult to endure. I didn't realize that this was the same thing as he had last year, until yesterday....because I was thinking he was just fighting a bug or something. I have been giving him gasX, trying TUMS, heating up the ricebag at night, asking about his bathroom habits (wondering if he had an intestinal thing, or possibly was constipated), etc. And have basically been telling him to hang in there, thinking it would pass in natural "virus" time. Last night, he started complaining of also feeling "lightheaded" and hot, while the pains were quite bad. Finally--(duh)--a lightbulb went off in my head, that these were the same symptoms as last year. I looked up "ulcer symptoms" online. And of course, the top symptoms were burning pains between the breastbone and naval (where jacob has the issues), nausea or vomiting, (he hasn't vomited, but has felt like it a few times), and the giveaway "lightheadedness". So, last night, I gave him a PEPCID (can do this once a day, at night) and realize I need to call the doctor now. Now--I am praying that poor jacob will not have to go through another round of testing....which he says was the worst experience of his life.

I am asking for your prayers for him, that we will be able to manage these mystery pains with PEPCID once in a while when needed. This would be the easiest way to take care of occasional symptoms, if this is what we are dealing with. (Last time, it only took four nights of taking these for us to notice marked improvement....and then no symptoms until now.) Also, pray that he feels better soon, as he is miserable, and is missing a day of school today because of it. (To his credit, he has functioned with these pains since Tuesday of last week. And since I was a dummy.....we really haven't been doing much for it, because I thought he just had "the grippers". ) Ulcers are also related to a specific type of antibiotics are normally prescribed also (but the specific triple attack of three different types might not be an option due to jacob's allergy to any type of amoxicillan). Anyway, of course, we just want this to go away.

Monday, September 24, 2007

city time

Nathan had a soccer game on Lakeshore Drive in chicago yesterday. I was dreading going out there--since there was a Bears game and a Cubs game scheduled around the same times we were traveling. But, it ended up not being that bad. It only took us about an hour and 15 minutes, and since we gave ourselves more time than we needed, Matt drove us by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we could see where he works, and also see the new woman's hospital that is opening in 26 days. We also drove down Michigan Avenue, and looked at buildings, and people, and restaurants, and other city type things.

I am not really a city girl--I get stressed just driving up and down the streets....but it was a beautiful day, and I wasn't alone, so I dealt with it. I did like being near the lakefront....seeing the boats, and people jogging near the lake, and seeing people lay out on the "beach" was nice. Nathan's game was literally across the street from Lake Michagan. After the game, we walked over and looked at the water a bit.

It is so funny how we live pretty close to Chicago....and I have only been there about ten times or so, in the 15 years we have been here. Matt works there everyday, and knows the streets well, etc. In fact, I was having a canary the way he was driving on Lower Wacker Drive!! I am rather pathetic, really. I just don't "feel the excitement" of the city......I just get uptight and nervous. I am truly a small town girl at heart.....surburban girl, for sure. I am not big on huge wide open spaces, either. I love the looks of it, and the peacefulness.....but I need my local stores, and my neighbors right around, you know? where would I be without my SuperTarget 5 minutes away? :0)

Friday, September 21, 2007

full plate

More on the ongoing job opportunity saga...
Today I spoke with Nicole (the prego teacher) about when I could come observe in her classroom. Basically, ANYTIME my heart desires and my aide commitment allows, I can pop in there. Then she told me her last official day would be March 21st, as her C-section is planned for the 22nd. Then there would be Spring Break....and when we came back, the sub would take the class until the end of the year. She won't be back....except maybe the last day to show off the baby and to say good-bye. Well. the whole time she was talking to me, i felt like she assumed I was going to be the one in there. She told me that she wanted me in there for her last full two weeks before she leaves, so I can see their schedule from start to finish everyday. She also said--this will be great for you will have the whole 4th quarter to'll handle everything. (I was like, "well, it is not a done deal yet....I still have to interview, etc".) She said that she thinks that will be just a formality, as she said from how Chris (the principal) was speaking to her, she'd be shocked if it wasn't me in there.

I was surprised when I asked her how much she would be involved--honestly, I thought that even though she wasn't going to be there, that she would have a general set of "plans" for me to carry out. Nope! Looks like I am on my own, if I get the job. I'll do all the lesson planning, I will do all of the grading, i will do the report cards, I will be making all of the decisions, etc. It will literally be like I have my own classroom for the last quarter of the year. Whoa.

I definately need to talk with Michele Smith and ask her about her whole subbing experience. What was she surprised by? What was the hardest thing about it? How long did it take to feel settled in? ETC. I have so many questions. It is strange, because new teachers get this whole training induction period, where they are basically coddled through their first year. Everything is explained. I am not sure what to expect with this subbing thing. Hmmmmm......

I also have so much to prepare before the resume', my application needs to be completed (that thing is huge by the way)....I have to get some sort of portfolio together, get my classes out of the way. I am thinking I'll need to be done with BOTH classes before I start. Otherwise I will be too overloaded.

Wow. I am going to have a lot on my plate this year.

another silly test

I post these because I think maybe you would like to try out the same tests....I think they are kind of fun, but I don't put much stock in them! :0)

Your Observation Skills Get A B

Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time)
And it takes something big to distract you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

bad or good?

Your IQ Is 110

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Below Average

I probally shouldn't admit that these are the results I got....How sad is it that my logical intelligence AND general knowledge were below average??? I am proud to be a mathematical genuis, though! :0) Maybe if I take this test again when it is NOT past my bedtime, I would do better. Although, somehow, I doubt it!

what's going on....

Just thought I'd check in. It is 9:30ish, and all my boys are still awake. Matt is on his way home from work--on the train. He was going to ump a softball game tonight, believe it or not. But--when he called home, he told me he ended up dealing with an internet problem at work. (Or something like that.)
Nathan just finished his "speech" for his (3rd grade) student council election. He wrote it himself, and he is pretty proud of it. His big idea is to try to get the school to have water as an option (along with the typical milk) with hot lunch. Funny, huh? He also said he wasn't going to try and bribe anyone for their votes...that they should vote for him because of who he is. What a little politician!
Speaking of Nathan, he is has been hobbling around for a week on and off, because the token psycho kid in the neighborhood ran his foot over with a little go-cart. He has been icing it after soccer practices, and taking Motrin for it here and there. Today, right before practice, he told me it was hurting real bad again. When I took a look at it, it looked swollen for the first time--and bruised. (Or was that dirt?? -hee hee) So I wrapped his foot in an ace bandage, and he went to practice to "assist" since he couldn't run on it. I talked to the coach, and N is supposed to rest it until Sunday....then we are to evaluate it then. They have a game at 5pm that day--on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago!! We'll see.
More about injuries--Matt has one, too. He hurt his wrist on the evening of the big storm....maybe about 3 weeks ago. We had lost power, and our sump pump wasn't working, and there was soooo much rain--lots of flooding in the area. So, he was going to borrow a big generator. When loading it in the car, his wrist twisted funny while he was trying to support the full weight of it. It is not getting better--in fact, he has probally aggravated it a few times since then. He has been wearing a brace on it, and has been to see doctors--both in the ER and a hand specialist. (Perks of working for a big hospital!) Tomorrow, he gets results from his MRI. I hope it isn't anything to worry about....the hand guy did not like the sounds it was making when he moved it around.
I am still trying to just get through each day. I am probally the most busy I have ever been in my life! Always something. I am working with it, though, best I can.
I spoke with the principal today. He basically told me that I should pull the 4th grade teacher aside and ask if I can come observe her class here and there. I am not sure how that works with also trying to help my teachers, but I guess if there is a "lull" in what I need to do, I should pop over to Nicole's classroom. I am supposed to not only try and get a feel for how she runs things, but also decide if I think I would be a good fit. Of course, he made sure to tell me that there will be other candidates for the position, and we will have to go through the full interviewing process.... (when, I don't know)...but, he also said it would be a definate plus if I already knew her routines and am familiar with the dynamic of the classroom. She also was told by him today that I was interested in the sub position, and in passing she asked "Has Chris (the principal) talked with yet? When I nodded and said I'd like to talk when she got a moment....she winked at me, with a smile, and said "definately!" I guess all of that was encouraging.....

There is more I could probally write, but I am pooped, and I have about a month's worth of tv programing saved on my TiVo. I am thinking about vegging while waiting for Matt, and since Jacob is still awake doing homework (it is 10:20pm!) i will wait up until he is done.

Monday, September 17, 2007


What I'd do for a a yummy slice of New York just isn't the same in the Midwest. Chicago pizza just fails to satisfy me. :0( When we went on vacation two summers ago, I had the BEST hot, foldable, stringy cheesed, hand tossed pizza in such a LOOOOOONG time. We got it on the boardwalk in NJ after swimming in the ocean, and it was soooo yummy. I actually think about that pizza pie sometimes and my mouth waters.

I LOVE living in the Midwest.....but I MISS the pizza for sure.

twist in the plot

Today I found out that someone I worked with last year, (and I was friends with), has been an aide for 6 years, and is now doing her student teaching at Munhall School and will be fully certified in January, is also eyeing the long term sub posiition. She apparently has been in contact with the pregnant teacher about the sub possibility, and is also a favorite of one of the fourth grade team teachers. I totally didn't see it coming......I really never thought of her being a candidate....mainly because I forgot she would be certified by then. I am even more concerned about this.
The only thing I am hanging on to, is that I know this lady didn't always see eye to eye with the principal, and even had a bit of an issue with him last year, resulting in a slap on the wrist for her. But--let me be truthful in saying that this person is VERY capable of running a classroom. I was always impressed with her abilities to do whatever task was put before her with above standard work, and how she seemed to have a natural way with the kids. (It was just some of the adults that she sometimes rubbed wrong).
So, I guess I will have to just wait and see what happens. I have no idea when to expect to have this "conversation" with Mr. Adkins......I know that the actual interview will be much more intense than I previously thought it would be, as I hear it will involve the principal, asst. principal, team teachers, and curriculum coordinator. ( I got this info. from Mrs. Smith, one of my teachers who went through this whole process last year.)

I again feel overwhelmed by this whole is hard to want something, and not know if #1, you are really ready to handle it, and #2 if others believe in you. I am trying to absorb as much as possible everyday, but sometimes my time in the classroom is limited, due to projects I am working on for the teachers. So- there are times I feel I know absolutely not enough. Then there are times that I am secure in my abilities, or at least secure in that I am a quick learner, and I can't have forgotten EVERYTHING.....

I just need to relax and know that I've been praying about this, and God knows what is best for me.

Friday, September 14, 2007

To my amazement....

There was no school today--School Improvement Day. So, the kids were home, and I went to school! :0) We took a bus at 7:30am to Christ Community Church for a seminar on Depression and Suicide, which was quite interesting and eye opening, actually. Then we went back to the school for "SIP" type things. We had a speaker talk about Behavior Intervention and Special Ed info., had the Reading Resource teacher talk about how her role would be changing this year, and got to hear from the new Curriculum coordinator. We had a break for lunch...(at which time some of the aides left, and others ate, then started working on projects teachers had left for them.)....and I was unsure what I should do. I really wanted to attend the next session, mainly for the teachers--about the new Language Arts Curriculum. The program has been a difficult adjustment for the teachers, and I was curious about what was to be discussed. I attended the original trainng day for the program last year....and felt some new insight would be helpful....if I were to ever teach in D303. This morning, the principal mentioned that the aides were welcome to the afternoon sessions, but it was obvious to us all, that we would be out of place in the discussions that would be taking place, and that we would be more useful getting ongoing class projects done.

ANYWAY, I went near the LRC right before the next session, and the principal was standing by the door. He called me over--and asked if my certification was active now. When I answered in the affirmative, he said, "well, you know, Nicole (4th grade teacher) is pregnant"--I told him that I had heard the happy news. Then, he said, "Would you be interested in talking about that?" I about jumped out of my skin! "YES! I would be very interested in talking about that!" (He of course, was speaking of the need for a long term sub while Nicole was on maternity leave.) I was shocked he brought it up, because she is just 14 weeks pregnant, and I thought it would be another couple of months before they would be figuring out who would take her class. Then I asked him about the upcoming Language Arts session....he replied that I was in a unique situation, "looking towards a future as a teacher and having your own class one day"....and that he indeed thought I should be in there. :0)

Pure happiness on my part. It was nice to know he was thinking of me in that way......without me trying to put it in his face.

Of course, I have NO idea when he plans on discussing anything. AND I am a little panicked. I have my typical self-doubt....what if after all of this, I can't answer his questions to his satisfaction? What if I am not really ready for taking over a class even if my desire is to do so? ETC., ETC.

PLEASE pray for me, that God would give me peace and bring to mind all that I have been trying to absorb during my time at Ferson Creek. This could be my big it is fairly common for long-term subs to be strongly considered for teaching positions that open up the following year. I don't want to mess up any opportunities I may have!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

busy as usual

I am home from work, checking my email, and reading the blogs I normally read...(just three) and trying to get nathan to finish his homework (today he has a Math Homelink, Math Minute, Spelling activity, study for a social studies test, cursive practice sheet, needs to get a newsletter signed, and read for a half hour) before his soccer practice which is from 6-7:30pm. It is 4:24pm right now....and I have to pick up Ben from Set Crew at 5pm, then feed Nathan something quick, get him going for practice (change into his practice uniform, get his jug of water and ice set, etc.) then scoot out the door at 5:35pm. On the way home from dropping off Nathan, I need to grab dinner for myself, eat it while I am driving, run into the house, go to the bathroom, fix my makeup, and then go back out the door to Jacob's Back to School Night. Matt will hopefully feed the boys and himself Clam Chowder tonight, then run to pick up Nathan from practice, then help with whatever homework is leftover until I come home. When I get home, it will be the whole bedtime routine thing.....and most probally--when all the boys are in there beds (about 10pm when Ben finally goes into his room) Matt and I can relax. Oh yes, somewhere in there I need to read the first chapter of a book I am reading with my girlfriend (the same book the women at our church are reading for Bible study). We are reading it together because neither of us can attend the study this year, so we decided to keep to their study schedule, and discuss the book with eachother on Wednesday nights. (When the kids go to youth group and Awana). We are reading "The Excellent Wife" a Biblical Perspective by Matha Peace. I have actually read this book before, after I heard Martha Peace speak at a woman's retreat. So, hopefully--the reading and discussion will not be new to me--just a refresher and conviction of what I should be aiming for!

A long and busy day again.....but, I think and hope I am getting used to them. (?????)


Would you believe I woke up this morning and I was cold? Actually, if you know me, that isn't so strange--I seem to be always cold. My boys are usually amazed at how I carry a sweatshirt around with me in the middle of a heatwave. (You never know when you'll get a chill!!....Really, it is because every building during the summer has their air conditioning on way too high!)
ANYWAY-we left our windows open last let some nice cool fresh air in. Unfortunately, it happened to be COLD air. (In my opinion anyway....) The house temperature only dropped to 70 degrees, but after living a few months with our air conditioning set at 80 degrees, this was a drastic change. I promptly got of bed (with my long sleeves and long pant p.j.'s) and had to put on a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks!
Oh- how I dread winter.....

Monday, September 10, 2007


I talked with my teachers today about subbing for them if they ever need to be absent. It went over well. Basically, I'll get on the sub list, and when one of them needs a sub, I will be able to take the class instead of her having to find a random one. I think it will be a nice chance for me to experience subbing--and feel fairly comfortable too, knowing the classroom procedures already.
I also have my eye on a long term sub position that will become available in March. One of the fourth grade teachers announced she was pregnant last week.....and will be leaving in March-maybe for the rest of the year. Hmmmm.....we'll see what happens there.
The biggest problem I can see with me subbing is trying to figure out what to do with Nathan. I will need before school care at the very least. I need to be praying about that. Sure wish I had my mom living by me! :0) Oh well....if it is meant to be, it will work out, right?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

my first day of school

So-I went to my first day of school (work) today. It went is good to be back. I got lots of welcome back greetings and smiles, and spoke with both Mrs. Foss and Mr. DiNicola (last years teachers) briefly. I can tell you that Jaime foss is not happy about not getting me as her aide. I happen to know that the aide she DID get, will be wonderful....she has been an aide for 6 years, and she must know what she is doing. She also is very nice. BUT--I am disappointed, too. I really enjoyed both the age of the kids and my experience with Jaime and David. Jaimie, in particular, was such a great mentor, and she was really rooting for me. She wanted to help me "ready myself" for any upcoming interview or opportunity that came my way. Last year, she encouraged me to update my resume' and gave me her portfolio to help me model mine after. (I had never seen one of these before---but now they are a requirement in interviews!)
Okay, so we've established that I was a bit saddened not to be back over in the 1st grade..... I found out that Jaimie has been sharing with numerous people that she was very disappointed not to have me, and the other 1st grade teacher Mrs. Criss also reitterated that point. They both requested me verbally and in writing, so when they didn't get me......they were surprised. I knew it was an hours thing. It is okay.

On a positive note--I am completely fine, and even happy about where I have been placed. I will learn alot in the 3rd grade, too. And the variety of teaching techniques that I will be observing can only do me good. I already know I like Michelle Smith--we were friends last year. And, I thought I would be with Dawn Spurney, who I don't know well.....but I guess at the last minute that switched around, i was placed in a different 3rd grade class. One where there are two teachers job sharing. (which is an interesting concept I might add.) They both seem nice--the morning teacher is Amy Hudson, and the afternoon teacher is Jen Shanahan. I will be working with both, as currently, I think the plan is that I will flip flop between classes, doing an everyother day situation. Today I was in Michelle's class in the morning, then after lunch, I was in the Hudson/Shanahan classroom, with Jen Shanahan. Tomorrow I start over with Amy Hudson, and after lunch go to Michelle's. And so on. We will see how that works out, and make adjustments as need be.

After school, I came home just in time to quickly pee and let Emmy outside, then I hopped back in my car to pick up Nathan. Got him started on homework, made a call to his school about an orchestra mix-up, then Jacob walked in. He invited about 5 friends inside, Nathan went to his friend Kenny's house (after homework, and a check from me), and I worked on emails that I needed to send as the U9 team coordinator....confirming this Friday's game times, figuring out who still needed uniform pieces, who wasn't making it to practice today, etc. Then Ben called from school at 4:30 for me to pick him up....he stayed after for his first Stage Crew meeting. Got him, then made a cup of tea. (Ahhhhh, a little breather.) At 5:10, when Nathan was supposed to be home to get ready for his 6pm practice, he wasn't anywhere to be found. Total chaos ensues, as I call Kenny's house (and was told they were out walking the neighbors' dog), then I hop in my car, looking for him, to no avail. (Major mad and worried mom....) Then I send Jacob out on his bike to find him --thinking they may have walked to the local park. Jake comes home just as Nathan does, at 5:35pm .....Nathan in tears as I yell at him about not asking to leave Kenny's house....and him crying that his mom was supposed to tell him when to go home (and she just did). I let the matter drop BRIEFLY (to be picked up again later, believe me! ) because my main concentration needed to be to get him out the door! (And he does not do good under pressure!) We leave the house at 5:45pm with him mostly dressed (to finish in the car), with me juggling snacks (because thwere was no time for his usual prepractice dinner), a huge jug of water and his bag/ball.... The drive is 15 minutes with no traffic. This is rush hour time!! We are very lucky that we made it at 6:01pm, and his coach was just about to walk them over to their practice field. Of course, I missed someone who was waiting to give me something--but I'll have to catch him later.

THEN at 6:05....Matt calls, he has just gotten off the train, and he wants to know what is for dinner. I, of course, haven't thought about it yet. Who had time? And said-"Please pick up Portillo's". :0) Now (he just walked in) we will shovel food in our mouths.....and I will be off again, to pick up Nathan at 7:30pm.....going a little early to meet up with one of the parents to hand him a schedule.....because they never went to parent meeting for the team. Hopefully, once I am home, we can finally relax a little. (Although, i am sure there will be more homework issues to handle!)

Life of a working mom of three boys, I guess. :0)

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Okay- who says you never use math skills after high school?
I crack myself up, because I just spent the last few minutes thinking and calculating how much money I have spent on feminine products in my lifetime. (I know....don't I have better things to do?)
Anyway, I have been needing a new box of tampons (or pads, in the early years) every month (at least) for 25 years. (Just realizing that bit of info was shocking in itself!) And yes, I realize three of those years I went 9 months without having to do that, due to pregnancy--but I figure that I made up for that by having to buy both tampons and pads each month in the last few years. (Is this too much information?)
So, I think conservatively, I have spent $6 a month for 25 years on this stuff. $6 x 12months = $72 a year.
$72 x 25 years = $1800 WOW. That is alot of money to flush down the toilet! :0)

Maybe this whole entry is just too weird. I apologize.