Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, we are back from the doctor, and Jacob has somewhat what I expected. He has bad acid reflux--causing all the problems he has been having....including the throwing up yesterday. His upper abdomen was tender to the doctor's touch, and his lower abdomen is not bothering him. When he answered all of Dr. Zeddies questions, he said--"I am pretty convinced we are dealing with excess acid." He wants him to take 40mg a day of PepCid (20mg morning and night) for 6-8 weeks, hopefully seeing improvement after just one week. He told us to let him know if the Pepcid does not give him relief, or if it comes right back once he goes off it in 8 weeks.
I am relieved. This is a simple solution. I am also glad that Jacob doesn't have to go for another upper GI. (SO IS HE!) Clark (the way Matt and I affectionately refer to Dr. Zeddies....) also mentioned that pop and caffiene can aggravate it, and citrus-y things. I mentioned that Jake has to drink 20 oz. of Gatorade after each soccer practice--and Dr. Z. said we should only have him drink about half that amount so his stomach doesn't get aggravated. (He even said he'd write Michael D. a note about it.) He wasn't saying all the kids shouldn't partake in Gatorade after an hour and a half of hard fitness.....but he wants Jacob to take it easy, and drink mostly water with half the Gatorade amount. Fine with me! Those things are expensive! :0)

So--we will carry on, paying a bit more attention to what Jacob puts inside his body, and take PepCid to combat the acid, and I think he's good to go! :0)


deanna said...

That sounds like good news - hope it works!!

Oddly, we have something going around here that sounds like his symptoms. One of Katie's friends ended up in the ER last night - they told her it was a virus going around!

Kathryn said...

It sounds like Jacob is on track to feeling better soon.

Acid reflux can be quite painful. Mei Li has been on meds for it, and is now doing immensely better.

Kathryn said...
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