Thursday, September 20, 2007

what's going on....

Just thought I'd check in. It is 9:30ish, and all my boys are still awake. Matt is on his way home from work--on the train. He was going to ump a softball game tonight, believe it or not. But--when he called home, he told me he ended up dealing with an internet problem at work. (Or something like that.)
Nathan just finished his "speech" for his (3rd grade) student council election. He wrote it himself, and he is pretty proud of it. His big idea is to try to get the school to have water as an option (along with the typical milk) with hot lunch. Funny, huh? He also said he wasn't going to try and bribe anyone for their votes...that they should vote for him because of who he is. What a little politician!
Speaking of Nathan, he is has been hobbling around for a week on and off, because the token psycho kid in the neighborhood ran his foot over with a little go-cart. He has been icing it after soccer practices, and taking Motrin for it here and there. Today, right before practice, he told me it was hurting real bad again. When I took a look at it, it looked swollen for the first time--and bruised. (Or was that dirt?? -hee hee) So I wrapped his foot in an ace bandage, and he went to practice to "assist" since he couldn't run on it. I talked to the coach, and N is supposed to rest it until Sunday....then we are to evaluate it then. They have a game at 5pm that day--on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago!! We'll see.
More about injuries--Matt has one, too. He hurt his wrist on the evening of the big storm....maybe about 3 weeks ago. We had lost power, and our sump pump wasn't working, and there was soooo much rain--lots of flooding in the area. So, he was going to borrow a big generator. When loading it in the car, his wrist twisted funny while he was trying to support the full weight of it. It is not getting better--in fact, he has probally aggravated it a few times since then. He has been wearing a brace on it, and has been to see doctors--both in the ER and a hand specialist. (Perks of working for a big hospital!) Tomorrow, he gets results from his MRI. I hope it isn't anything to worry about....the hand guy did not like the sounds it was making when he moved it around.
I am still trying to just get through each day. I am probally the most busy I have ever been in my life! Always something. I am working with it, though, best I can.
I spoke with the principal today. He basically told me that I should pull the 4th grade teacher aside and ask if I can come observe her class here and there. I am not sure how that works with also trying to help my teachers, but I guess if there is a "lull" in what I need to do, I should pop over to Nicole's classroom. I am supposed to not only try and get a feel for how she runs things, but also decide if I think I would be a good fit. Of course, he made sure to tell me that there will be other candidates for the position, and we will have to go through the full interviewing process.... (when, I don't know)...but, he also said it would be a definate plus if I already knew her routines and am familiar with the dynamic of the classroom. She also was told by him today that I was interested in the sub position, and in passing she asked "Has Chris (the principal) talked with yet? When I nodded and said I'd like to talk when she got a moment....she winked at me, with a smile, and said "definately!" I guess all of that was encouraging.....

There is more I could probally write, but I am pooped, and I have about a month's worth of tv programing saved on my TiVo. I am thinking about vegging while waiting for Matt, and since Jacob is still awake doing homework (it is 10:20pm!) i will wait up until he is done.

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