Monday, September 10, 2007


I talked with my teachers today about subbing for them if they ever need to be absent. It went over well. Basically, I'll get on the sub list, and when one of them needs a sub, I will be able to take the class instead of her having to find a random one. I think it will be a nice chance for me to experience subbing--and feel fairly comfortable too, knowing the classroom procedures already.
I also have my eye on a long term sub position that will become available in March. One of the fourth grade teachers announced she was pregnant last week.....and will be leaving in March-maybe for the rest of the year. Hmmmm.....we'll see what happens there.
The biggest problem I can see with me subbing is trying to figure out what to do with Nathan. I will need before school care at the very least. I need to be praying about that. Sure wish I had my mom living by me! :0) Oh well....if it is meant to be, it will work out, right?


Anonymous said...

What happens to your "aide" job if you get called to sub?? Is that OK with your be missing from their class?

Mom said...

OK, obviously the above post got submitted before I said it was from me...MOM! OOOPS!!

Anyway, to continue what I was saying...I wish I could help you out too with getting Nathan to and from school if you do sub.

kimsilver said...

When I am "absent" from my aide position, I don't get a sub. AND-I would only sub for my own teacher's classes. Of course, if I happened to get the long term sub job in the Spring.....they would have to replace me. That is what happened with Michele Smith......she was an enrollment aide first last year, then she took the long term sub position, then conventiently another aide job opened once she was finished with the subbing. If it didn't, she would have just stayed on subbing daily. I heard you can keep quite busy that way. I don't know, we'll see--I know God will work out the details if it is meant to be.