Monday, September 24, 2007

city time

Nathan had a soccer game on Lakeshore Drive in chicago yesterday. I was dreading going out there--since there was a Bears game and a Cubs game scheduled around the same times we were traveling. But, it ended up not being that bad. It only took us about an hour and 15 minutes, and since we gave ourselves more time than we needed, Matt drove us by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we could see where he works, and also see the new woman's hospital that is opening in 26 days. We also drove down Michigan Avenue, and looked at buildings, and people, and restaurants, and other city type things.

I am not really a city girl--I get stressed just driving up and down the streets....but it was a beautiful day, and I wasn't alone, so I dealt with it. I did like being near the lakefront....seeing the boats, and people jogging near the lake, and seeing people lay out on the "beach" was nice. Nathan's game was literally across the street from Lake Michagan. After the game, we walked over and looked at the water a bit.

It is so funny how we live pretty close to Chicago....and I have only been there about ten times or so, in the 15 years we have been here. Matt works there everyday, and knows the streets well, etc. In fact, I was having a canary the way he was driving on Lower Wacker Drive!! I am rather pathetic, really. I just don't "feel the excitement" of the city......I just get uptight and nervous. I am truly a small town girl at heart.....surburban girl, for sure. I am not big on huge wide open spaces, either. I love the looks of it, and the peacefulness.....but I need my local stores, and my neighbors right around, you know? where would I be without my SuperTarget 5 minutes away? :0)


Kathryn said...

I'm not a big city lover, either. And I don't drive in them, for two reasons: I'm not an aggressive driver, and I have zero sense of direction!

I worked in NYC for a short while and never felt comfortable there.

I do like some smaller cities, though...I love Portsmouth, NH's old downtown. Portland, ME, too.

I worked in NYC for a short while and never felt comfortable there.

mom said...

Well, it's funny that you said this because this weekend I drove in city traffic too...we(Dawn, Kerry and me...& 27 other women from our church) went to the Woman of Faith Conference in Denver's Pepsi Center. It was terrific!! Of course, I had Kerry riding shot gun and she kept her eyes pealed for the street signs etc. We did OK considering we didn't know where we were going and had to find our hotel too! Friday we went to the pre -conference during the was with Beth Moore who was (as usual) amazing! Then the W of F conference started Friday night, and continued all day Saturday. The women who speak combine God's truth with personal stories and tons of humor!! We laughed so much. Maybe next year you can come out and go with us too! Wouldn't that be fun??

Talk soon!

kimsilver said...

Kathryn- I have absolutely no sense of direction either! Even less surrounded by skyscrapers. I rely heavily on my GPS.....I'd litterally be LOST without it!

Mom-I'd so love to do anything with "my girls". I am glad you had a good time. I'd also like to see Beth Moore speak. I called you on Friday....Spoke with jeff, and he filled me in to what you all were doing. Did Dad buy anything while you were gone? :0) Hee hee.