Thursday, May 24, 2007

It is always nuts over here!

So, it is Thursday night--we just got back from visiting Wredling Middle school with Jake for Parent's Night. Before then, I was supervising Ben making two different recipes, because he announced on Sunday that he had to make 10 recipes before Friday for Family Consumer Science. Nothing like leaving things for the last minute! Guess what I did on Monday afternoon after work? Spent way too $$$$ buying recipe ingredients! ARGH! It would have been hard enough to fit in that many recipes in that short period of time.....but try doing that when Monday he has soccer practice from 5-7:30, Wednesday he had a game we were gone for from 5-8pm (and he gets home from school at 4pm), and tonight I was leaving for the meeting. CRAZINESS!

Jacob was finishing up the three projects he had due on Friday.....a Cival War project, a Reading Responsibilities packet that he's been working on all quarter, and a final copy of a paper that he has to give to next year's Language Art's teacher.

Nathan was practicing one Math "timed test " after another, because no matter how hard he tries....he just can't seem to pass the two minute time period he has for 36 problems. Poor kid. It gets him so upset. He knows his facts, he just can't seem to do them quick enough! Tomorrow is the last one for the year.....and he soooo wants to pass it. He has gotten it done in 2 minutes and 5 seconds, but he hasn't completed it all by the required 2 minute deadline, even once. Pray for speed for him! He thinks he is stupid--because he can't pass. It kills me. I hate timed tests.

All that, and I am also preoccupied with thoughts of moving (maybe) and all that would entail!!

This weekend, starting at 5pm tomorrow night starts the Midwest Cup. We have a minimum of 7 games over the weekend--more if the boys teams win. We also have Parking Lot duty on Saturday for 4 hours. I think we'd also like to squeeze in a look-see at a couple of houses if we can manage it.....are we insane or what?

To make me a little more crazy......the cicadas will probally emerge, too. My favorite.


This will come out of the blue, because I haven't mentioned this......but the topic of moving has come up again. Not to Colorado (thought I better specify that) but to another house in St. Charles, that will accomodate us better. It has been an on and off topic for years now, as you well know. Well, our friends that live in Reneaux Manor have been lobbying for us to move out by them, which is much closer to the Campton Fields, close to a train station for Matt, and also in one of our target neighborhoods for schools. None of the kids would have to change. Well, we saw a house we thought we might be interested in there, so it got the subject started up again in our house.
At the family picnic for Lincoln on Thursday, I was talking to Amy and Colleen (my neighbors) about it. Amy told me that if we decided to move, we should let her know before we put the house on the market because she might be interested in it. I told Matt that, and he said we should probally go take a look at that house then. Selling our house was one of the things we were concerned about....houses just aren't moving quickly, and we couldn't afford two house payments, while we waited to sell. THEN--here is the insane part.....
Colleen called me today, and asked if were serious about moving. I told her I wasn't sure. She said that if we were, her sister and brother-in-law, who just sold their house across the street would be seriously interested in ours!! That is two different possibilities without us even trying! Maybe this IS the time to do it......
Pray for us, that God will show us if this is the right time to just do it. YIKES!! Never a dull moment.....

Still no Cicadas....

Thought I'd give the Cicada update at the Sterling far. They have been reported in a bunch of towns around Chicago, but not here yet. I am not complaining--I am dreading them. I know they are coming, so I am almost hoping we can just get it over with, but the pictures I have seen with them all piled on eachother around the base of trees are pretty gross. Stay tuned.....:0)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now I have issues...

So maybe Nathan's stomach problems were not milk allergies.....because now I have some sort of intestinal bug, and Matt had some kind of intestinal thing last week. Maybe it is all connected?

Nathan has been feeling fine that is good. It has been a few days without milk for him. So, I guess it could still be that.

Matt is playing in an indoor soccer game tonight. Jake went to watch. I am at home to practice math timed tests with Nate, and then do his reading with him. His current quality selection is, "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants"...oh what a joy it is to have a boy. :0) We have also been reading Magic Treehouse books, Nate the Great, Jigsaw Jones, and completed the whole entire series of Junie B. Jones. (which are MY favorites, and nathan's all time favorites, too.) Next up, are two "Stink" books....which is the name of the little brother of Ramona Quimby. Those will be new to me, but i love Beverly Cleary's other books, so I am sure I'll enjoy these too.

Don't you wish you could read with us? :0)

Odd twist

So here is the odd twist in the saga over the 4th grade position....Mr. Dinicola--one of the 1st grade teachers I help--decided he wanted the position! He didn't want to take away my opportunity, so he waited to hear if I could interview, before he said anything to the principal (or me for that matter!). When he found out I wouldn't be eligible to interview.....he went for it. He found out today that he got it, so I thought that was pretty funny. I was happy for him. Of course, now there will be a 1st grade opening.....but, I can't go for that either. Oh well. Mrs. Foss told me she'd do her best to get pregnant this summer so that I'd have the chance on a long term sub position next year. I thought that was a great idea, and told her to get right on that. :0)

Then she realized she would end up with a kid by doing that favor.......and had to rethink the plan. :0)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Heard some news....

Okay--Just heard the verdict.

Here is my email from Jaime:
"The word from Chris is that you would need your certificate to be active before applying for a teaching position in D303. He is planning on having the 4th grade spot filled before July, therefore you couldn't be considered for that particular spot.

So, after your certification is updated, file your resume with the district and see if you're called for any other openings in the district after July. I'll put in an excellent word for you.

Now that you know this...enjoy your weekend!"

So....I guess that is it. I am not surprised. That is what I expected his answer would be. Not sure why all this happened in this way, but it is okay. If anything, I will try and get my act together, so that I can put my application in (in July)....and just wait to see what happens.

The plan still stands for me to do at least another year of aiding (or inclusion aiding). Good thing I like it!

Had a good day

School was good today. I went in thinking i would hear something from Jaime about the email she sent the principal. I was expecting her to say "sorry, Kim." But, turns out that she didn't even get the chance to email yesterday, and said she would do it today. She also said that upon thinking about it, she'd like to take the route of me not knowing she was doing it. She thought that would be a better approach--more like, "Hey, I would like to encourage my aide to interview for that 4th grade opening. I think she'd be great for the job, but she has a couple of classes she needs to take this summer. She'd be recertified by July 1st......should I go ahead and encourage her? I would definately recommend her." I am glad I know that the principal really likes her....her recommendation means a lot to me, anyway.

She is supposed to call me sometime this weekend, when she has heard something. IF she hears something. I have the attitude now, that whatever I hear will be fine. Truly. I told her not to spare my feelings about what he says---to just give it to me straight. :0)

Oh yeah....I said I had a good day today. This is why. I don't know what it was, I just felt really part of things today. More than usual. I talked to a lot of the teachers today, interacted with 2 of the 4th grade teachers that I didn't really know, got asked to be the "secret reader" in someone's classroom, made a hall display that actually turned out really good, (If I do say so myself!), had really nice conversations with 2 of the aides, got more than my portion of 1st grade hugs, and helped a little girl that had an "accident" in Mr. Dinicola's room--which led to an actual conversation with the school nurse, too! There were many snacks in the lounge for the teachers (and since I forgot mine today.....that was nice! I had a Panera bagel, and an Arizona Iced Tea.) It has been teacher appreciation week at school all week, and I got flowers, pictures, notes, sweets, and a luncheon this week! What fun! (I knew working at a school would be great!)

Anyway.....I left in a great mood. Being in school just makes me happy, I guess.

Wish I knew...

I wish I knew what was up with Nathan. He went to the nurse twice yesterday because of stomach pain. He complains about pain or being nauseous often. For a while, we thought he was just getting uncomfortable when he didn't want to do something---he always seemed to complain when it was time to leave for school, or go to bed. But, now I am wondering if there is more to that--like the timing of those things connected to when he is eating. He also isn't sleeping well. Waking up early or often during the night, and not falling asleep for up to 2 hours after being sent to bed. I feel bad for him--something is not right. I also feel bad that we have viewed this as more of a ploy for attention (since it happened so often, and we couldn't see a reason for him to ALWAYs not feel good, or not be able to go to sleep). Poor kid--what if he really has some sort of issue that we have basically ignored and felt he was just putting on the drama so he'd get out of doing what he didn't want to do?
Okay--so, I think I am going to be more diligent in trying to figure out what is going on. I don't think he is doing this on purpose anymore.

Today I woke up early, and for some reason just felt like I wanted to NOT be considerred for that teaching interview. Like the timing was way off. Yesterday, even though I felt like it was probally not the right time....I also was excited by the thought of it. But now....not so much.....I actually get sick to my stomach (oh no, me too?) just thinking about the thought of interviewing. Plus, nothing is in could I be considerred? I don't have an application in or on file, my certification isn't up to speed, I haven't touched my resume since 1994, and I have so little done in my portfolio! Like I said, if this mores forward, it would seriously be a miricle. One I may find myself fighting along the way!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


So, life has been interesting over here. Yesterday, while at work, I had a brief conversation with another aide and a 4th grade teacher about a 4th grade teaching position that had opened up for next year. My goal is to eventually get a teaching job--but I have basically given myself a 3 year timeline to accomplish that. In no way was I looking or anticipating the idea of interviewing before that time for a position. I have been out of school for 15 years now....(how old I feel).....and even though I have volunteered in my kids' classrooms, and now have worked for a year as a 1st grade aide (and observed and asked a TON of questions)....I feel so rusty, and have lost all sense of confidence that I once had in myself.

So anyway....the aide asked me why I hadn't considered interviewing--and my response was "What? Noooo...I'm not ready for that!" Currently, my certification is even lapsed--I am planning on completing my 5 semester hours necessary to reinstate this summer. When I mentioned that fact, the 4th grade teacher in the room said that was "nothing" to get done--and that I should definately consider interviewing. I kind of laughed it could I even consider that???? I came home and told this "silly" story to Matt, as I couldn't get it off my mind since that time. I expected him to laugh, too. Instead, he asked if I put in my application yet! I was thrown yet again, with that response. I have been mulling the idea over A LOT. Maybe I COULD manage this....maybe I should go through the steps, get my resume together, get my portfolio in order, etc. I even spent a couple of hours on the internet researching best practices in teaching, data based decision making, guided reading, and anything else I could think of to prove I wasn't ready! I am still not thinking all that seriously about it. It is just crazy. What AM I thinking?

This morning, on my way to work, I was praying that God would just relax my heart over the whole thing. I don't know why this came up now, and I don't know if I should just drop the idea altogether, or if I needed to pay attention to the opportunity. I prayed for His guidance.....for signs to either go forward or to stop dwelling on it. I asked for BIG more encouragement today without me looking for it, etc. I know if anything came out of this, it would HAVE to be a God thing, as I was soooo not looking for this at this time. Anyway, early in the day, I heard more people talking about the open position. I spoke with one of the other aides aboout the conversation I had yesterday and told her how much it had just freaked me out. She answered by saying she thought I should just go for it. WHAT??? She also said sometimes things happen for a reason, and that it isn't always in our own timing. (WHAT??!!!) More chatting....about this and that....then I went back to my classroom.

Mrs. Foss was the only one in there--the kids were at recess. I must have looked a little rattled, because she asked me what was up. I filled her in on all the craziness going on in my I wasn't seriously considering it, etc. I admire Mrs. Foss (Jaimie) greatly. She has been an excellent example for me. I have been so blessed to be in her classroom this year. She has seriously got it all together, in every which way. I have said to Matt on numerous occasions that she was my idol. :0)
She has been so supportive of me all me great advice, boosting my self esteem by saying I was HER Godsend this year, and generally being very complimentary of my work. Anyway, would you believe she said I should go ahead and go for it?? I asked for her honest opinion about whether she thought I'd be valuable enough to even interview---she knows my situation--and she said I got plenty of experience this year observing and doing hands-on things in the classrooms I am in. But, seeing my hesitation, she offered to email the principal to see if he would consider me for an interview. Then she said she would tell him that she would highly recommend me. Whoah.....wasn't expecting that! I promised myself that whatever happened without me pushing, I would let happen.....letting God do whatever He wanted without me trying to interfere. Of course, at this point, I am not sure this whole thing is from God, or just me reading into things......but YIKES! What is with all this encouragement? I need to pray, pray, pray! Truly, I just want what would be best for me and my family--and I guess I should just sit back and see what comes of all this. Maybe this is just what I needed just to get me to get all my stuff in order, so that when the right thing does come along I'll be ready. I certainly don't feel ready now!!!

Here I am

Well, I guess I have entered the world of blogging. I am surprised at myself....but I'll give it a try. Not that I expect too many people will be interested in reading it. I think it will be a relaxing thing for me to do while I am having my cup of tea--or if I want to think outloud. I don't even have time to post right now.....I just wanted to get set up.
I need to go make Nathan's lunch. We are experimenting to see if no dairy helps with the stomachaches he's been having. A lightbulb went on for me this morning that maybe this is the reason he complains so much right before it is time to go to school, (cereal and milk, or bagel with creamcheese for breakfast) or when it is time to go to bed some nights (the nights when dinner had cheese, or he drank milk?) and sometimes at school after lunch (he buys hot lunch a lot--milk is the drink that comes with it).
Anyway, we will experiment with no dairy for a while, and see if that helps. Matt is sensitive to dairy....I don't know why I haven't tried this before.
We'll see.....