Friday, May 11, 2007

Heard some news....

Okay--Just heard the verdict.

Here is my email from Jaime:
"The word from Chris is that you would need your certificate to be active before applying for a teaching position in D303. He is planning on having the 4th grade spot filled before July, therefore you couldn't be considered for that particular spot.

So, after your certification is updated, file your resume with the district and see if you're called for any other openings in the district after July. I'll put in an excellent word for you.

Now that you know this...enjoy your weekend!"

So....I guess that is it. I am not surprised. That is what I expected his answer would be. Not sure why all this happened in this way, but it is okay. If anything, I will try and get my act together, so that I can put my application in (in July)....and just wait to see what happens.

The plan still stands for me to do at least another year of aiding (or inclusion aiding). Good thing I like it!


Mom said...

Glad you're feeling good about the outcome of the letter Jaimie wrote for you...I think you would have been extra stressed if you thought you had to be THE TEACHER in September! But it must certainly be encouraging to you that everyone seems to think so highly of you! They have more confidence in you than you have in yourself I think! We all know that you are a gifted teacher, and trust God to open up the perfect position for you when the time is right. Meanwhile there's your courses this summer and getting all your paperwork ready to apply in July. That will keep you busy enough without having to prepare to be in the classroom full time as THE TEACHER!
Busy weekend for us...can you imagine consolidating all my stamp stuff (9 years worth), and my office equipment,desk,bookshelves, etc. into Daddy's office to make room for K&J&C? Well, I've been ruthless in throwing out stuff...feels good! Had my last stamp camp last friends were disappointed, but they said they will try to keep me active so they have someone to order from...and also maybe we'll get together once in awhile to stamp just for fun. Sounds good to me! I'd like to stay active as long as possible for them and also to get my discount for myself! If it gets hard to do that, I will probably offer them my 20% as an incentive to order like you did. At least for awhile. Who knows! I don't really care...I'm ready to give it all up and just stamp for my own enjoyment instead of for business.

Well the stamp camp mess is calling me...gotta clean that up before we can move stuff into the other room! Good thing I like to organize things...cause this is a challenge!!!

Love you!

dawn said...

It's nice when God answers prayers clearly. He closed this door, but maybe He used it to get you thinking so when the right thing comes along you will be ready, and it won't be as out of the blue.

Sounds less stressful for you now. I'm the one in over my head! Pass all your kid knowledge my way, please!!