Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now I have issues...

So maybe Nathan's stomach problems were not milk allergies.....because now I have some sort of intestinal bug, and Matt had some kind of intestinal thing last week. Maybe it is all connected?

Nathan has been feeling fine today....so that is good. It has been a few days without milk for him. So, I guess it could still be that.

Matt is playing in an indoor soccer game tonight. Jake went to watch. I am at home to practice math timed tests with Nate, and then do his reading with him. His current quality selection is, "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants"...oh what a joy it is to have a boy. :0) We have also been reading Magic Treehouse books, Nate the Great, Jigsaw Jones, and completed the whole entire series of Junie B. Jones. (which are MY favorites, and nathan's all time favorites, too.) Next up, are two "Stink" books....which is the name of the little brother of Ramona Quimby. Those will be new to me, but i love Beverly Cleary's other books, so I am sure I'll enjoy these too.

Don't you wish you could read with us? :0)

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Mom said...

How are you feeling? Nathan et. al.?
When is the boys'/your last day of school?
This weekend Dad and I are moving my computer, printer, scanner into his office...he has to switch the DSL connection from my computer to his and then mine will be the wireless connected one instead of his. Hopefully he can get to the phone jack behind his big desk/wall unit to do what he needs to do. Otherwise the stamp room and my office are almost all cleaned out and ready for K&J&C.

Hope your weekend goes well, and everyone puts on the sunscreen for soccer!

Love, me