Thursday, May 24, 2007

It is always nuts over here!

So, it is Thursday night--we just got back from visiting Wredling Middle school with Jake for Parent's Night. Before then, I was supervising Ben making two different recipes, because he announced on Sunday that he had to make 10 recipes before Friday for Family Consumer Science. Nothing like leaving things for the last minute! Guess what I did on Monday afternoon after work? Spent way too $$$$ buying recipe ingredients! ARGH! It would have been hard enough to fit in that many recipes in that short period of time.....but try doing that when Monday he has soccer practice from 5-7:30, Wednesday he had a game we were gone for from 5-8pm (and he gets home from school at 4pm), and tonight I was leaving for the meeting. CRAZINESS!

Jacob was finishing up the three projects he had due on Friday.....a Cival War project, a Reading Responsibilities packet that he's been working on all quarter, and a final copy of a paper that he has to give to next year's Language Art's teacher.

Nathan was practicing one Math "timed test " after another, because no matter how hard he tries....he just can't seem to pass the two minute time period he has for 36 problems. Poor kid. It gets him so upset. He knows his facts, he just can't seem to do them quick enough! Tomorrow is the last one for the year.....and he soooo wants to pass it. He has gotten it done in 2 minutes and 5 seconds, but he hasn't completed it all by the required 2 minute deadline, even once. Pray for speed for him! He thinks he is stupid--because he can't pass. It kills me. I hate timed tests.

All that, and I am also preoccupied with thoughts of moving (maybe) and all that would entail!!

This weekend, starting at 5pm tomorrow night starts the Midwest Cup. We have a minimum of 7 games over the weekend--more if the boys teams win. We also have Parking Lot duty on Saturday for 4 hours. I think we'd also like to squeeze in a look-see at a couple of houses if we can manage it.....are we insane or what?

To make me a little more crazy......the cicadas will probally emerge, too. My favorite.


kimsilver said...

This comment is to anyone that read the above post....I put it up before I read it. I should have done some editing. I DO know how to spell Civil War. It also doesn't make too much sense. I was rambling....forgive me! :0)

Kathryn said...

I don't see what the point of timed tests are. How annoying and frustrating. It doesn't seem to teach anything valuable and serves to make kids feel bad!