Friday, May 11, 2007

Had a good day

School was good today. I went in thinking i would hear something from Jaime about the email she sent the principal. I was expecting her to say "sorry, Kim." But, turns out that she didn't even get the chance to email yesterday, and said she would do it today. She also said that upon thinking about it, she'd like to take the route of me not knowing she was doing it. She thought that would be a better approach--more like, "Hey, I would like to encourage my aide to interview for that 4th grade opening. I think she'd be great for the job, but she has a couple of classes she needs to take this summer. She'd be recertified by July 1st......should I go ahead and encourage her? I would definately recommend her." I am glad I know that the principal really likes her....her recommendation means a lot to me, anyway.

She is supposed to call me sometime this weekend, when she has heard something. IF she hears something. I have the attitude now, that whatever I hear will be fine. Truly. I told her not to spare my feelings about what he says---to just give it to me straight. :0)

Oh yeah....I said I had a good day today. This is why. I don't know what it was, I just felt really part of things today. More than usual. I talked to a lot of the teachers today, interacted with 2 of the 4th grade teachers that I didn't really know, got asked to be the "secret reader" in someone's classroom, made a hall display that actually turned out really good, (If I do say so myself!), had really nice conversations with 2 of the aides, got more than my portion of 1st grade hugs, and helped a little girl that had an "accident" in Mr. Dinicola's room--which led to an actual conversation with the school nurse, too! There were many snacks in the lounge for the teachers (and since I forgot mine today.....that was nice! I had a Panera bagel, and an Arizona Iced Tea.) It has been teacher appreciation week at school all week, and I got flowers, pictures, notes, sweets, and a luncheon this week! What fun! (I knew working at a school would be great!)

Anyway.....I left in a great mood. Being in school just makes me happy, I guess.

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kerry said...

i'm glad you had a good day! it sounds like fun! :o)
keep us posted!! :o)
God is up to all sorts of things, huh?
love you!