Friday, May 11, 2007

Wish I knew...

I wish I knew what was up with Nathan. He went to the nurse twice yesterday because of stomach pain. He complains about pain or being nauseous often. For a while, we thought he was just getting uncomfortable when he didn't want to do something---he always seemed to complain when it was time to leave for school, or go to bed. But, now I am wondering if there is more to that--like the timing of those things connected to when he is eating. He also isn't sleeping well. Waking up early or often during the night, and not falling asleep for up to 2 hours after being sent to bed. I feel bad for him--something is not right. I also feel bad that we have viewed this as more of a ploy for attention (since it happened so often, and we couldn't see a reason for him to ALWAYs not feel good, or not be able to go to sleep). Poor kid--what if he really has some sort of issue that we have basically ignored and felt he was just putting on the drama so he'd get out of doing what he didn't want to do?
Okay--so, I think I am going to be more diligent in trying to figure out what is going on. I don't think he is doing this on purpose anymore.

Today I woke up early, and for some reason just felt like I wanted to NOT be considerred for that teaching interview. Like the timing was way off. Yesterday, even though I felt like it was probally not the right time....I also was excited by the thought of it. But now....not so much.....I actually get sick to my stomach (oh no, me too?) just thinking about the thought of interviewing. Plus, nothing is in could I be considerred? I don't have an application in or on file, my certification isn't up to speed, I haven't touched my resume since 1994, and I have so little done in my portfolio! Like I said, if this mores forward, it would seriously be a miricle. One I may find myself fighting along the way!


Dawn said...

Let's just say I totally relate to having something come out of the blue...but for me it wasn't even something I was considering doing ever!

I had my interview last night. Hmmm...feels like the Johnson girls are ALL on a ride this Spring!

I'll pray for open and closed doors and peace for each step you should pursue. I do think you can have peace and also feelings of "this is crazy!" at the same time.

Keep me posted! Love you! D.

Mom said...

Hi honey! I hope I'm doing this right...I never commented on someone's blog before.

About Nathan...I think you might be on to something...about the dairy sensitivity. So many of his symptoms sound like it. I know I've heard from others that eliminating dairy was like a miracle in their child's life...moodiness gone, sleep problems resolved etc. I say, give it a try. I think you have to eliminate all dairy for a few weeks to see if that's the problem. I bet there are websites that could guide you as to how to go about it...there is both lactose intolerance, and milk allergy, two different things. girls sure need lots of prayers...God is definitely stretching each of you in brand new ways. I will certainly pray for you about this teaching job...that God will make it clear to you as to what you should do.

Love you and we'll talk soon I hope, but in the meantime, I will check your blog daily to see what's new!!!!

Kathryn said...

Hi, Kim
I am lactose intolerant, and Nathan's symptoms sound could be right.

It's amazing how much food has dairy in it...stuff you wouldn't even think of, like bread. Depending on how sensitive Nate is, this could be challenging unless you do some shopping at your local health food store. That would be the easiest way to ensure a dairy free diet for him right now.

They could also advise you of other potential allergens, like gluten, which are common...if you find dairy is not the culprit.Good luck.

Re the teaching...I encourage you to go for it. Sometimes we may think we are not 'ready' but an opportunity arises anyway. You've already got your feet wet...being in the school system now, and with your whole education and experience behind you.

I think we all struggle w/ self confidence. It's hard to see our own talents, and much easier sometimes to see the successes of others.

Let me assure you that the school would be a better place having you on staff! I say this not only b/c I know you, but b/c my sister works in the school system, and sees many people with teaching jobs, but who are not, unfortunately, good teachers. Be assured that you WOULD add value!