Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Odd twist

So here is the odd twist in the saga over the 4th grade position....Mr. Dinicola--one of the 1st grade teachers I help--decided he wanted the position! He didn't want to take away my opportunity, so he waited to hear if I could interview, before he said anything to the principal (or me for that matter!). When he found out I wouldn't be eligible to interview.....he went for it. He found out today that he got it, so I thought that was pretty funny. I was happy for him. Of course, now there will be a 1st grade opening.....but, I can't go for that either. Oh well. Mrs. Foss told me she'd do her best to get pregnant this summer so that I'd have the chance on a long term sub position next year. I thought that was a great idea, and told her to get right on that. :0)

Then she realized she would end up with a kid by doing that favor.......and had to rethink the plan. :0)

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