Tuesday, September 11, 2007

busy as usual

I am home from work, checking my email, and reading the blogs I normally read...(just three) and trying to get nathan to finish his homework (today he has a Math Homelink, Math Minute, Spelling activity, study for a social studies test, cursive practice sheet, needs to get a newsletter signed, and read for a half hour) before his soccer practice which is from 6-7:30pm. It is 4:24pm right now....and I have to pick up Ben from Set Crew at 5pm, then feed Nathan something quick, get him going for practice (change into his practice uniform, get his jug of water and ice set, etc.) then scoot out the door at 5:35pm. On the way home from dropping off Nathan, I need to grab dinner for myself, eat it while I am driving, run into the house, go to the bathroom, fix my makeup, and then go back out the door to Jacob's Back to School Night. Matt will hopefully feed the boys and himself Clam Chowder tonight, then run to pick up Nathan from practice, then help with whatever homework is leftover until I come home. When I get home, it will be the whole bedtime routine thing.....and most probally--when all the boys are in there beds (about 10pm when Ben finally goes into his room) Matt and I can relax. Oh yes, somewhere in there I need to read the first chapter of a book I am reading with my girlfriend (the same book the women at our church are reading for Bible study). We are reading it together because neither of us can attend the study this year, so we decided to keep to their study schedule, and discuss the book with eachother on Wednesday nights. (When the kids go to youth group and Awana). We are reading "The Excellent Wife" a Biblical Perspective by Matha Peace. I have actually read this book before, after I heard Martha Peace speak at a woman's retreat. So, hopefully--the reading and discussion will not be new to me--just a refresher and conviction of what I should be aiming for!

A long and busy day again.....but, I think and hope I am getting used to them. (?????)


Matt said...

Hey! You forgot about my indoor soccer game last night at 9 that we had to fit in too.

kimsilver said...

You're right. :0) When I wrote this--I completely forgot about your soccer game. Just too much going on.