Friday, September 14, 2007

To my amazement....

There was no school today--School Improvement Day. So, the kids were home, and I went to school! :0) We took a bus at 7:30am to Christ Community Church for a seminar on Depression and Suicide, which was quite interesting and eye opening, actually. Then we went back to the school for "SIP" type things. We had a speaker talk about Behavior Intervention and Special Ed info., had the Reading Resource teacher talk about how her role would be changing this year, and got to hear from the new Curriculum coordinator. We had a break for lunch...(at which time some of the aides left, and others ate, then started working on projects teachers had left for them.)....and I was unsure what I should do. I really wanted to attend the next session, mainly for the teachers--about the new Language Arts Curriculum. The program has been a difficult adjustment for the teachers, and I was curious about what was to be discussed. I attended the original trainng day for the program last year....and felt some new insight would be helpful....if I were to ever teach in D303. This morning, the principal mentioned that the aides were welcome to the afternoon sessions, but it was obvious to us all, that we would be out of place in the discussions that would be taking place, and that we would be more useful getting ongoing class projects done.

ANYWAY, I went near the LRC right before the next session, and the principal was standing by the door. He called me over--and asked if my certification was active now. When I answered in the affirmative, he said, "well, you know, Nicole (4th grade teacher) is pregnant"--I told him that I had heard the happy news. Then, he said, "Would you be interested in talking about that?" I about jumped out of my skin! "YES! I would be very interested in talking about that!" (He of course, was speaking of the need for a long term sub while Nicole was on maternity leave.) I was shocked he brought it up, because she is just 14 weeks pregnant, and I thought it would be another couple of months before they would be figuring out who would take her class. Then I asked him about the upcoming Language Arts session....he replied that I was in a unique situation, "looking towards a future as a teacher and having your own class one day"....and that he indeed thought I should be in there. :0)

Pure happiness on my part. It was nice to know he was thinking of me in that way......without me trying to put it in his face.

Of course, I have NO idea when he plans on discussing anything. AND I am a little panicked. I have my typical self-doubt....what if after all of this, I can't answer his questions to his satisfaction? What if I am not really ready for taking over a class even if my desire is to do so? ETC., ETC.

PLEASE pray for me, that God would give me peace and bring to mind all that I have been trying to absorb during my time at Ferson Creek. This could be my big it is fairly common for long-term subs to be strongly considered for teaching positions that open up the following year. I don't want to mess up any opportunities I may have!


Kathryn said...

I think most people experience self-doubt...some just put up a good front! It often helps me to try things I don't feel confident about in stages. You are already doing that with your teaching career, so try not to think too far ahead. Once you reach a new mountain top, you'll have new experiences under your belt to make you feel more confident. :-)

kimsilver said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kathryn!

deanna said...

Oh, yeah, what she said. LOL - I should have read all this first. I think it's a great sign that you are on the principal's mind AND he's willing to invest in you. Whatever happens, know that every teacher - experienced or not - experiences some level of self-doubt at the beginning of a job. I used to have nightmares weeks before school started, ones that my friends and I still talk about. (There's that one when you show up and school's been in session for a week or two - without you!) You will be fine - promise!;-)