Monday, September 17, 2007

twist in the plot

Today I found out that someone I worked with last year, (and I was friends with), has been an aide for 6 years, and is now doing her student teaching at Munhall School and will be fully certified in January, is also eyeing the long term sub posiition. She apparently has been in contact with the pregnant teacher about the sub possibility, and is also a favorite of one of the fourth grade team teachers. I totally didn't see it coming......I really never thought of her being a candidate....mainly because I forgot she would be certified by then. I am even more concerned about this.
The only thing I am hanging on to, is that I know this lady didn't always see eye to eye with the principal, and even had a bit of an issue with him last year, resulting in a slap on the wrist for her. But--let me be truthful in saying that this person is VERY capable of running a classroom. I was always impressed with her abilities to do whatever task was put before her with above standard work, and how she seemed to have a natural way with the kids. (It was just some of the adults that she sometimes rubbed wrong).
So, I guess I will have to just wait and see what happens. I have no idea when to expect to have this "conversation" with Mr. Adkins......I know that the actual interview will be much more intense than I previously thought it would be, as I hear it will involve the principal, asst. principal, team teachers, and curriculum coordinator. ( I got this info. from Mrs. Smith, one of my teachers who went through this whole process last year.)

I again feel overwhelmed by this whole is hard to want something, and not know if #1, you are really ready to handle it, and #2 if others believe in you. I am trying to absorb as much as possible everyday, but sometimes my time in the classroom is limited, due to projects I am working on for the teachers. So- there are times I feel I know absolutely not enough. Then there are times that I am secure in my abilities, or at least secure in that I am a quick learner, and I can't have forgotten EVERYTHING.....

I just need to relax and know that I've been praying about this, and God knows what is best for me.


deanna said...

You know, it's all in God's hands, and I'm sure you're MORE than capable of running a classroom! You go girl!!

Mom said...

We're reading "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow in Bible study and if you have never read is the time!! If you have read it!! It really is a wonderful book that so clearly speaks to the anxieties in our hearts. I'll be praying that the Lord clearly works out His will concerning this sub position and also next year's opening. In all of this...don't doubt your abilities as a teacher...and your God-given dream of returning to the classroom. If that desire is from Him, He will fulfill it!! If March is the wrong time for the responsibility of a classroom to complicate your life...and only God knows what's best for you...then I pray you will have peace if it doesn't work out. When your mind is filled with the "what ifs", just tell Jesus, "I'm trusting You to work out this for my best".
Love you!!!!