Sunday, September 2, 2007


Okay- who says you never use math skills after high school?
I crack myself up, because I just spent the last few minutes thinking and calculating how much money I have spent on feminine products in my lifetime. (I know....don't I have better things to do?)
Anyway, I have been needing a new box of tampons (or pads, in the early years) every month (at least) for 25 years. (Just realizing that bit of info was shocking in itself!) And yes, I realize three of those years I went 9 months without having to do that, due to pregnancy--but I figure that I made up for that by having to buy both tampons and pads each month in the last few years. (Is this too much information?)
So, I think conservatively, I have spent $6 a month for 25 years on this stuff. $6 x 12months = $72 a year.
$72 x 25 years = $1800 WOW. That is alot of money to flush down the toilet! :0)

Maybe this whole entry is just too weird. I apologize.


deanna said...

Again, I could have written this post as well. Thanks for covering it all for me! (No pun intended!)

dawn said...

you crack me up...

Mom said...

And just think...I did it for 50 years...50 x $72= $3600!! So I guess you're only half way there.

Too funny!