Friday, August 31, 2007

got my placement

Well-I just got the call from Ferson Creek. I will start on Tuesday, at 9am, and work until 2:30. BUT-I will not be placed where I thought I would be. I worked in the first grade last year, and loved it. I had wonderful teachers to work with, and one in particular really mentored me, and encouraged me. I was hoping I'd get placed in her classroom again. Jaimie (the teacher) even called me a few times this summer to check in, and called a couple of weeks ago to tell me that she had the numbers for an aide, and requested me. But, alas.....the first grade had the least number of hours available (4hrs) and one of the returning aides wanted the least amount (she actually wanted three). To keep her, they placed her in the first grade.
Since I didn't have any specific needs other than being able to drop off Nathan at 8:30am and then pick him up at 3pm....the 5 hour placement was fine.
I will be in the 3rd grade this year. (Which will be a great insight on what Nathan does everyday!) I will split my time between two teachers, Michelle Smith, and Dawn Spurney. I LOVE Michelle. So, I am happy with that. She actually was an aide with me last year, then applied for a long term sub position for the first grade, and now is a third grade teacher. I think it will be a good placement for me to see a new teacher in action. I don't know the other teacher as well, but she seems nice--and all I know other than that is that she is getting married in October. (to another teacher's son!) Then she will be Dawn DeMein.

I actually was hoping to squeeze one more week out of not working.....but it will be good to be back. I am looking forward to another year of learning.


kerry said...

i think that's great kim! did you used to love 4th grade? or am i just making that up? maybe 3rd will combine what you loved about 4th and what you love about 1st....maybe...either way, it sounds like an exciting new experience! CONGRATS!!

dawn said...

I just read a week's worth of your blog--been pretty crazy over here but had to say two things:

1) Congrats on the job--it sounds great! I'm sure God has you in just the right place!

2) OHMIGOSH! I totally spaced Ben's birthday. I feel horrible! I'll get something to him soon. What a space cadet!

kimsilver said...

Kerry- Yes, 4th grade was my preference....I think that was mainly because that was where most of my student teaching experience was, and therefore was my comfort zone. I also had such great experiences working with that age. You're right-every grade has its positives and negatives. I am sure I'll enjoy being in the third grade just as well as the first.

Dawn-Thanks for the congrats. :0) I KNOW God has me in the right place (just like last year). Please don't feel bad about Ben's birthday. I know how busy you have been. And he is a big boy now, he understands these things! :0) Actually, I am wondering if he even noticed. (I didn't!)

Kathryn said...