Thursday, August 9, 2007


My friend Kerri's dog, Shiloh, is staying with us for a week. She is Bernese Mountain Dog (, and she got here this morning. Generally, she and Emmy get along really well. They play in the backyard, settle down pretty quickly when they are inside, and share bones and food. Unfortunately, all the playing, excitement, and food exchange caused Shiloh to throw-up a little while ago on our living room floor. Emmy threw-up for an unknown reason at 5:30 this morning in her cage. So, that makes 2 vomit clean-ups for me today thus far. Yuck.
Both of them are shedding severely too. Clumps of hair at a time. Our house is going to look great this week. Note sarcasm in voice. :0)
Mom is coming right after Shiloh leaves.....I hope to have the floor not looking like another color by then.

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