Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Individual style

Ben has been cracking me up lately with his mission to be an individual. He has been developing his own style lately--and believe it or not, I'm kind of digging it. It borders "punk", but not quite. His style can be defined by what he left the house in today--typical "Benware". On his feet, old-school black and white checkered Vans with no-see ankle socks. Long tan skinny shorts (they go just below his knee) with random stitching here and there on the pocket, or thigh, etc. Two T-shirts layered. A black one underneath, and on top, a new one he just got from his favorite store (Target!). It is gray with a large bird on a branch (he is very into trees by the way), and a set of headphones printed below. Mainly, artistic t-shirt images are the rule....but DEFINATELY NOT any shirt that says a brand on it. (Up until spring this year, he would wear anything that said American Eagle, or Aeropostle on it....times change!) He also was wearing 3, yes 3, belts. One that actually held up his shorts--much better than when he always wanted his pants to have the falling down look! This was the first day he wore the 3 belt look. The other 2 non-functioning of the 3, were criss-crossed in the back and hanging loose on his hips (does he have hips?). Both of these belts were black--one with a huge belt buckle with a pirate skull and crossbones on it, and one being Matt's old leather one that his dad made for him in the early 80's. It has the Christian fish imprinted all around it. On his hands--more flash. He wears two plastic gumball machine rings, a plain silver band, and sometime when he feels like it, will add a thinner silver band above the knuckle to the finger with the other silver band. He also has everchanging wrist I think he went out with two rubberbands, and a woven string bracelet on. Finally, the forever non-changing accessory....his iPod, with the earbuds in his ears!
What cracks me up the most about this, is I totally get it. I think back to when I was his age--and I was doing the same thing. I wanted so badly to not follow the "trends" that the majority was wearing. I wanted my own look....and I shopped in thrift stores, (bought my share of men's old suit jackets, that I'd roll up the sleeves and wear with jeans) and sought after shoes no one else had. What is funny, is, I have always heard about the infamous moments that we, as parents wouldn't understand our kids clothing choices. I think it is humorous, that I actually get it this time! :0)

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