Friday, August 31, 2007


Shopping is exhausting. If you are a woman, who isn't a stick figure, you know what I am talking about. Today, I thought I'd go look for some "school clothes". During the summer I live in Tees and shorts....and since my last year's working wardrobe is starting to look really tired, I thought I was due for a few things. Well, I only made it through one store. I went to Steinmart, where sometimes I find cute things, and other times, it is a complete wash. Today, I tried on about 15 different items. I came home with one overpriced shirt. Argh.

So, now all I can think about is taking a good nap. I deserve it! :0) I am going to eat some lunch, fried rice today, and then drift off to dreamland. I can't wait.....


Kathryn said...

Have you tried LLBean online? Their clothes run pretty true to size, and I shop from their sale section (very discounted from their regular prices). The quality is consistent, so no guesses there, either. We actually have a credit card through them, so shipping is free!

kimsilver said...

Nope-I think the last time I bought from LLBean was in college! Actually, if I remember correctly, I could only get their shirts anyway. I don't think their pants ever fit.
I went shopping again yesterday at TJmaxx. Had better luck there. This time I tried on about 30 things and came home with 7 things. Two pairs of the pants I got need to be tailored (hemmed), but when I find pants that fit everyplace else--that is minor!