Sunday, August 12, 2007

wiped out

Why is it that when I attend my kid's soccer tournaments, and basically sit around all day watching games, and passing time between games chatting with parents and eating---I come home so exhausted? This weekend was Jacob's seeding tournament. It was in Rockford-about an hour and 15 minutes away. Yesterday and today we woke up about 6am, got on the road by 7am, and didn't get home until about 7pm. Both days were in the 90's....extremely hot, and very sunny. Poor Jacob was the one running around. Three games each day. He is quite exhausted, too....but he should be. He was using a lot of energy. We packed a cooler with lots of water, ice, gatorade, grapes, strawberries, sandwiches, and also brought other snacky type things (which we never ate, by the way), and when not watching games, sat under our team canopies for shade. But, I tell you, you'd think I was the one running around the whole time--the way I feel. It is amazing to me just how much time in the sun wipes you out. Not to mention, how tan you can get after repeated weekends of games. Not the best thing for my skin....but not too easy to avoid either.
Next weekend--Jacob's tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is supposed to be in the high 90's, so I hear. Guess I will be exhausted again!! That's okay.....I love watching my kids play!
By the way...jacob scored today. He usually doesn't much anymore--as he plays left midfield, or defensive midfield. Which means he normally is a play maker, and concentrates on placing the ball and assists. But, today...his friend TC hit the cross bar when he tried to score, and jacob came running from the left mid position to crash the goal---and was at the right place at the right get the rebound off the cross bar, and head the ball in! It is fun to be able to score sometimes, too. :0) Of course--my modest child, when congratulated later by the parents for a great goal.....completely just turned it around and complimented TC's great effort to score, and said "It is really TC that should get the credit!" I love that about him! :0)

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