Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, I forgot to mention, that I was encouraged to find out that Nathan's teacher has had a similar background as me. Of course, it is a little different than me, but it gives me yet another hoope that I, too, might not have to forget about my dream to be a teacher one day. Mrs. Teirney taught for two years in Pennsylvania right out of college--then stopped to raise her family...then moved to Illinois, got a teacher's assistant job in D303 and worked to get certified here. After 4 years of aiding in our ditrict she was hired as a third grade teacher 2 years ago.
So--not quite the same as me, but similar. I never had my own classroom....biggest difference! (And therefore lack some confidence that I already did this before....) But, I WAS prepared for sure, and the timing of Ben just didn't allow me to start....raised my family (not that I am finished)....got my certification up to speed....started aiding last year, and should be again this year......and hopefully--will one day be considered ready to teach in D303.

I will take whatever encouragement I can get! I should have a chat with Mrs. Teirney, and see if she has any advice for me...

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