Wednesday, August 1, 2007

officially re-certified

Finally got my butt in gear and went down to the Kane County Regional Office of Education to reinstate my Type 03 certification. It was so easy, I wondered what took me so long. After filling out the form, a quick check on the computer with my SS#, and paying my back fees, I was done. The lady said, "You can teach starting right now, if you want!" If only it was as easy as that!


Kathryn said...


kerry said...

yay kim!! that's awesome! woohoooo!

mom said...

Ditto what Kerry just said! Isn't amazing how we put off doing something because we think it might be difficult, or take a lot of time, when in actuality, once we do it, we can say..."that wasn't hard at all, or, that only took 15 minutes"!!
I'm proud of you!