Thursday, August 30, 2007

a must read

Okay, so my mom sent me a link to a very funny ebay auction by a woman who was selling pokemon cards that one of her 6 children snuck into her cart while grocery shopping. She was selling them because she would not let them keep something they tried to sneak by her. Good for her!
Anyway-this lady was hysterical. Obviously, lots of people thought so, because last I checked she had 179,000 or so hits on the auction. I think the cards sold for $149, and she thought that was crazy, of course--making sure she told the bidders that they were not worth that much. (She was feeling guilty when the bids hit $40!)
I was so humored by her, that I went to her blog. Which turned out to be a very worthwhile, funny read for me again. so, I have decided to make her blog someplace I will visit occasionaly for a good laugh and a bit of perspective when I am feeling overwhelmed by my 3 children (half of what she has!)

Here is the blog address in case you'd like to check it out, too:

If I knew how to set up a link to it on my page, I would....I know you can do this, I just haven't investigated to see how! Maybe I will figure it out someday.

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