Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hairspray-The Movie

We just got back from seeing Hairspray....I really liked it. It was fun, and good-hearted, and had my toes tapping. The group of teenage girls that sat in front of us, I think, saw the movie a few times already. They came in all dressed in 60's garb, with their hair teased....looking like they stepped off the movie set. It was cute. They also cooed and sighed everytime Zach Efron (Link) appeared on camera. It was a riot---and it reminded me so much of doing things with my middle school/HS friends. Mainly, because if this movie came out when I was a teenager....I could see us being the ones all dressed up and being Hairspray groupies!
I hope this musical resurgence stays.....we need more fun movies to go to....especially ones the whole family can see.

As a sidenote--I thought "Seaweed" was quite goodlooking in the movie. Loved the "rippled" hair.

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