Sunday, November 4, 2007

house walk, house work

We took the boys to the house we want yesterday. I knew Jake and Nate would be excited no matter what.....they just want to move into that neighborhood- where they have so many friends. Ben has been a little reluctant about moving....mostly because his best friend lives within walking/biking distance right now, and if we move, he will definately have to be driven. Obviously, that equals less time spent with his buddy. We have been assuring him we will work it out, that we will make sure they get to see eachother as often as possible. Anyway, I was hoping the house walk would get him a bit more excited about the idea.
It was kind of funny going through with the kids, and hearing their reactions to things. Nathan had a hard time realizing that all the furniture and "things" still in the house were not staying. He kept saying things like "cool! Look at this!"...and I'd look, and he'd be pointing to a statue on a shelf, or a painting on the wall. I had to keep reminding him to just look at the space, and the things you couldn't move. :0) Nathan loved what would be "his" room---the room he "claimed". It is in the front of the house, and has a clear view of his friend Joey's house across the street. (I think that was the sole reason he picked it!) He would be sharing a Jack and Jill Bath (Jack and Jack?) with Jacob. Jacob is convinced he got the BEST room upstairs, if this all works out. He loves the built-ins, and the fact that it is the biggest room, other than the master. Of course, there are still some girly details little flower knobs on the built-in drawers.....but for Jacob, all the better! :0) (He is such a goofball.) He has a view to his friend's house from his room which looks out on the backyard. Jacob also was entralled by the fireplace. We don't have one now, so, just having one was exciting to him.....he walked into the family room, and took one look at it and said, "Whoah! A fireplace!" (I am not sure why he didn't notice it in the pictures we showed him.) Then Matt showed him how you can turn it on with a switch......then he was like, "Is that real fire? WOW! That is so cool!" Whenever we weren't sure where Jacob was, he was near the fireplace, flipping the switch and watching the fire. Both Jake and nate were practically running through the house, excited by everything.
Ben was much more laid back--as I expected. But, I watched closely....and I do believe he likes the place. I saw him noticing details.....just like Ben would. Just taking things in. He seemed to like that there was an intercom throughout the house--and you could play music no matter where you were within the house, through it. He was actually interested in the basement-and the "mechanics" of the house....checking out what was in the crawl space, etc. That sort of made me crack up. I guess he really is becoming a man! :0) We told him he'd have choice of the other two bedrooms upstairs, and the hall bath up there would be his to use. He thought the Master sitting room was "sweet"--and overall thought the house was nice. In the car, on the way home, he said 'he had no problem with moving--he just didn't want to clean and pack every weekend." That part is "lame", as far as he's concerned. (I don't particularly like that part either.) :0)

We had three soccer games scheduled this weekend. We are working as hard as we can between those times. We are even hoping to get some paint on the walls in our bedroom, finally. I will be stopping in Lowe's after Nate's game this afternoon. I think I will be looking at their cans of premixed paint "rejects".....why spend a ton on a can of paint.....if the color looks neutral and decent, I'll just get one of those. (We won't be living with it!.....Hopefully.)

Currently, Matt is putting up a new curtain rod in the LR, while I am washing the curtains. He has already changed out two doorknobs that were looking a little worn. Meanwhile, I am just trying to get some sort of order to our chaos.


deanna said...

Wow - sounds like an awesome house! I want to move!!! (and it sounds like there's an extra bedroom for me, too! hehe)

Have the guy at the paint counter check your can before you buy it. We did the same thing with our mudroom paint and it turns out someone must have added paint thinner to it! It smelled awful and took a full 24 hours to dry. What a mess!! I can't imagine going through that with a bedroom!!

Good luck with all the "lame" work - it will be well worth it!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like a good sized house for you all, and very nice, too!

I hate packing/moving. We've done it a bunch of times & each time it's harder because we've accumulated more stuff. (Next time we move, I'm putting my foot down & making Chris ditch stuff!)

On the flip side, I do like starting fresh, new surroundings, new places to decorate, etc.

Good luck & have fun!