Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving forward

Well--we had the realtor over today. She took pictures of the house and we set a asking price--and our house officially goes on the market on Monday. Now comes the chore of keeping it "show ready" all the time. UGH.

We also made our offer on the other house today. The owner is "thinking about it" while he is skiing in Colorado. This whole process is exciting and also nerve wracking at the very same time. It helps to remind myself that God is in control.....and if we are meant to move, it will happen.

Speaking of new houses--Kerry and Jeff bought their first home just this past week!! How great is that? They close on their house on December we SHOULD be there in Colorado when they make the big move. I can't believe we are both going through house stuff at the same time. I am sure you can imagine what a lot of the conversation will be about that week. :0)

We went to our friends' house this evening that have the same model house as the one we put an offer on. It is kind of funny to be at someone's house and all of a sudden you start taking note of what kitchen cabinets they use for what stuff, how they have their laundry room set up, etc. We also passed a few houses in their neighborhood that had decorated for Christmas already, and that confirmed for me that the front bay LR window was perfect for a Christmas tree!

On a sidenote-I have not gotten very far on my application and other paperwork for my interview. That is the thing I need to COMPLETELY focus on now. Now that the house is on the market, the main projects here are done, so it will be more possible to put my efforts elsewhere.

Hope to post the link to our listed house in a few days! :0)

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