Sunday, November 25, 2007

Classroom Ponderings

Here is the question I was working on today for my application.....the rough draft is complete--I just need to transfer it over.

"Describe what you would do in your classroom to meet the needs of culturally and racially diverse student populations. "

Next question:
" In every classroom there are many children at varying levels of ability. What instructional strategies would you use in order to prepare lessons and instruction to meet the needs of these children?"

I have one more left after that one.....something to do with how I would use technology within the classroom. I have to double check the wording.

After those questions are application will be complete with the exception of the teacher profile. That is something I have been avoiding a little.....mainly because it makes me nervous. It is a set of 32 questions that will show what my teaching style is. You have to do it in one sitting, and it cannot be adjusted or revisited. Once a question is answered, you cannot go back. Then, the profile is available to all school districts and cannot be redone for at least two years. Soooo....I have been waiting for the opportune time to sit down and do it. Funny thing is, I don't think any time will feel like the opportune time!! :0)

I have my transcripts, my certification, and my letters of recommendation ready to upload. I still have my resume to figure out, and upload, too. AND my cover letter. UGH.

Finally--my portfolio needs to be put together in some creative and professional way. It will contain all the above paperwork, and also my discipline philosophy, classroom management plan, lesson plans, photos of bulletin boards and displays I've created, documentation of times I have used creativity in teaching struggling students, and anything else I can come up with that paints a picture of what kind of teacher I will be. No problem, right??

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