Monday, November 12, 2007

rest is overated

We have been cleaning/painting machines over here. This weekend, we did a second coat of paint in our master, painted the front door and door jam, washed the siding on the house, took all of Nathan's clothes out of his dresser and put only the necessary things into two newly purchased underbed boxes, (and boxed up the rest), bought exterior paint so we could repaint the deck railings, and lattice, Ben got onto the roof and cleaned out the gutters, I placed airfresheners strategically around the house, .......etc., etc., etc.

Matt also spent some time crunching numbers....printed out our worst and best case scenarios. We had a serious discussion about whether a new home purchase was worth all of this. Spent some time feeling excited about moving, and some time depressed by the changes it would bring. Thought about the prospect of being "poor" again..... spoke about the undoubtedly lean Christmas this year. Questioned the idea of movers or packing up the whole house by ourselves.

I again had to purposefully NOT think about all the work I am supposed to be doing preparing myself for interviewing in the beginning of January. The only way I stay sane is by choosing NOT to dwell on how little I am doing to prepare for this upcoming teaching opportunity. It scares me to even think about.....basically because this could be my big break and I am pretending it is something I can just "wing". It is not-believe me!

This afternoon, I have been back into the boys' room, decluttering shelves, and finishing up the whole 'weaning the clothes" situation. The more I get done, though, the more there seems I need to do. My house feels messy and out of control again, becaus eI have new packing materials and cleaning aids scattered about, along with uncooperative boys being boys. If I survive this, all I can say is "It was God!", because right now, I can't imagine getting through everything (along with my Thanksgiving week off that I should be spending preparing for moving or interviewing....traveling to Philadelphia by car with my family and 85 pound dog!!) EEEEEK!


deanna said...

I remember feeling that way... I do not envy you. Why are you going to Philadelphia??? (Which is really close to me, by the way!)

As for movers, we spent years helping friends move in every which way possible. Finally, our friends moved and hired movers. They told us, "If we think we're too old and busy to help our friends move, then it's time to pay someone else to do it!" That's when we all realized that the inevitable had happened - we were all growed up! Bad backs, hernias and all!

Good luck, and post some house pics for us!

kimsilver said...

Matt's family is in Philadelphia--we are going for Thanksgiving. We haven't been out there for a while, so it seemed like a good time. (Until we realized we needed to turn our lives upside down, and declutter, clean, and pack our home we have been in for the last 12 years!) Honestly, I have told Matt many times that I think he and the boys should go without me, and I will stay home with the dog. I keep thinking about how much I could get done in a week with no one else around, and not having to be at work, either! Matt was not too keen on that idea, though.
At some point I hope to post house pics....our current home, and the one we want to buy. Sadly, I am not very good at figuring out how to do that, so I will need help from matt. I figured once they take all the pictures of our house for online advertising I can post the link, at least.