Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another thing off the list

matt painted the deck tonight--can you believe it? He started at 7:30pm....with an obnoxious bright light on overhead--so he could see what he was doing. Go Matt! :0)
I, on the otherhand, got sidetracked while cleaning under nate's bed....(figures).....I found the "memory boxes" I had saved for Ben and jacob (under nathan's bed?...whatever). I was consumed. I haven't looked in those boxes in ages. I got the biggest kick out of looking at Mother's day cards Ben made me when he was in second grade, and pictures he painted in preschool, I cracked up at a story Jacob wrote when he was seven......I gushed with pride when reading comments from teachers that stated jacob so kind and treated others with compassion and selflessness.....and each time I went to close up the box, I'd come across something else that would tug at my heartstrings.
Poor nathan, though....his "stuff" was not under his bed. In fact, I realized I was not quite as purposeful with saving his momentos as I had been with the other two. It is a typical third child mom move. I felt terrible....and I hoped that the few things I had set aside for him and are now being stored under MY bed, were enough to show him that I really did love him just as much. I also made a mental note to start saving more things of his! I know I have pictures he drew and report cards, and odds and ends.....I just don't think it was quite as much. Although--really....it was mostly Ben that had a ton. First child--I had more time to do things like that, and a brain that actually worked back then!

Two excerpts from the boys things that made me smile for different reasons:

Mother's day card from Ben, third grade: (after I showed Ben this card he said "I was such a dweeb!) I love it. :0)
Dear Mom,
I love you so much I couldn't resist (?) if we were ever separated. My heart would shatter like glass. You are tender with love and so am I, you are sweet like pollen to a butterfly. I love you like a cat to it's kitten. I love you Mom.
Love, Ben

Jacob's illustrated short story he wrote in second grade:
THE SOCCER GAME (what else would he write about?)
Dedicated to my family

Three little boys were playing soccer until another group of three came.
We played and played.
It was a tie. The coach, "One more shot and they win."
The other team took a shot.
The goalie was jumping for the ball. He missed the ball. :0(
It went in the goal. So they won.
I dealt with it.

The End.

Smiles. My boys are cute. :0)

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kerry said...

i love memory boxes! i get consumed with them too when i find them. you have such sweet boys. :o) and i totally remember that story jake wrote. it made me laugh...:o) and speaking as the third child, we know we're loved whether stuff is saved or not. it's the consistent love received day to day that makes the difference.
praying for you guys! keep up the great work!!!