Thursday, November 15, 2007

so far, so good

The last time nathan threw-up and had diarhea was at 4:30pm. He is still uncomfortable, and doesn't feel all that good--but it appears that his stomach is calming down a bit. I offered him some toast at about 9pm.....thinking his stomach might be ready for a little something. He said he wanted it, but once it was in front of him he couldn't take a bite. So, I won't rush it. Maybe in the morning he will be ready to eat something. I am hoping he will be feeling a whole lot better when he wakes up. It is the last day of school before vacation-and I'd really like him to go.....but we'll see. His class was supposed to go to the St. Charles Historical Museum to ring the 75th year anniversary bell. Not a huge deal--but it would have been fun for him. The kids were each to have a turn ringing the bell.

He has already told me that he didn't think he'd be "up to it". I told him to wait and see how he is feeling in the morning. We will see. If you were praying for him--thank you. :0)

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