Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going crazy--wanna come?

So--I now have more on my plate than I initially thought. Today-after an observation time in Mrs. Smith's classroom (not sure if this was coincidental or not), Mr. Adkins told me that he just wanted to give me a "head's up" that he would be posting the long term sub position sometime between right now and break. (You mean Thanksgiving break that starts Friday after school?) Cough. Then he told me that I should make sure to "get my stuff in order".....that he'd be recieving about 500 applicants, because everyone wants to teach in St. Charles..... I asked if interviews would be conducted before or after break (I initially thought all of this was going to happen after WINTER Break), and he said he wasn't sure, but legally he needed to wait 5 days between listing the position and the first interview.
Soooooo.....I guess all of this putting off the paperwork for this job/interview until after we had our house on the market was NOT the brightest idea. NOW--I have to do my resume', my enormous application, my teacher profile, and a portfolio within the next week. (Unless I find out that Mr. Adkins decided to wait a little bit more time.....which I doubt, because he sounded like he just wanted to get on with it, and get this whole thing settled.)

I am panicked, needless to say. I just don't know what I am going to do, because I don't know how I can complete this all, and be ready for interviewing when Thanksgiving break is over!! I am just going a little loopy over here! Please pray for me, and my sanity, and that SOMEHOW I find the time to do all this.

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Dawn said...

That's me feeling it for you. I'll pray!

God is in control of everything and this timing is not surprising Him. The outcome is in His hands...whether you are supposed to get that job or not. Whether you are supposed to sell and move or not. Just do what you can's all you CAN do. Trust. and do some Lamaze breathing maybe. :)

Thanks for our phone call the other day, too. I love you guys!