Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weight Lifted

We made our decision. And even though it was an extremely difficult one to make--after the decision was made, I felt as though a huge wieght had been lifted off my shoulders. The whole "not knowing" what we should do was terrible. After MUCH diliberation, prayer, discussion, and emotions.....we finally decided to have all of us stay home. This was the complete opposite of what we were leaning towards in the morning yesterday. Somewhere in the middle of it all, though.....we were able to step back, look at all the variables, and realize as much as we would have liked to go to see Matt's family, it is just unrealistic at this time for what we need to accomplish. Plus-even though Matt never seemed to get the full fledged virus, his body seems to be trying to fight it. Matt has been feeling nauseous and achey. Basically, physically.....we were all not up for the trip.

We got more painting done yesterday. We had been through three colors on the walls downstairs, before we felt we finally got the right shade. Today it looks like we will need to do a second coat--even though we had hoped the "one coat" paint would have done the trick. We have a short list left--but all projects are time consuming. The goal is to have our realtor here on Saturday so she can do a quick walk-through again, and then we can do the paperwork to finally make an offer for the other house, and we can FINALLY list ours.

Meanwhile, I will also try and make progress on my application/resume/etc. I have alot to do in that department....and it is pretty overwhelming for me..... but I will just focus on one piece at a time, I guess. I did get a very nice letter of recommendation from last year's supervising teacher this week. I am waiting on one more, and that piece will be ready. I am waiting also to get my transcripts from Gordon. I sent out the request last week.....hopefully they will come soon. Thankfully, the position has not been posted yet--so I still have some more time. BUT-I need to complete this, so I can finally relax!

I am also supposed to contact University of Phoenix and schedule my two classes. I am hoping to take one in January---which will most likely end up exactly the time we will need to be packing to move....or something. And then I need to schedule another for February.

It is a good thinkg I don't have anything to keep me busy, right?

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Kathryn said...

Glad you're feeling better now that the decision has been made. I would've stayed home, too...nothing worse than being sick and away from home where you can lie around 'comfortably' in your misery! ;-)

You can schedule a visit to see Matt's family when you are all well.
Take care.