Thursday, November 15, 2007

bad bug?

Poor Nathan. He was home from school today with a bad stomach/intestinal thing. He has been throwing up, and has had diarhea all day. He is moaning with pain from gas pains....and honestly, I don't know how he has anything left inside him. He has been sipping Ginger Ale and that is it--since about 9am this morning. He's been vomiting and using the toilet probally once an hour. I feel really bad for him. He has already had two episodes that he's been throwing up and having diarhea at the same time. A moment of not making it to the bathroom in time (for both ends), and he's just plain miserable!
I just called the doctor--which I generally don't do, especially for viruses. But, he seemed in enough pain and "uncomfortableness" to warrant it. We were told to pay attention to his hydration, of course. And watch for fever, or localized pain in the lower right quadrant....(possible appendicitis). I am usually an nonalarmist--but his symptoms have been quite severe, and with him being uncomfortable yesterday, too....the nurse said it does raise some flags to watch him for those additional symptoms.

Just in case our life wasn't already mucho stressful right now......we'll throw in a sick child into the mix. I just hope it isn't a bug that spreads, or something that takes us to the hospital!

He is finally sleeping, on the couch. Pray we are over the worst of it.


Mom said...

I can't believe you need more stress. It's about 4 oclock here, and I just read this, but I will continue to pray for him until I hear he's feeling better. I just hope it doesn't spread through the family esp. with your trip to PA coming up! Praying for God's protection over all of you too! Could it possibly be food poisoning? Did you stay home from work today to be with him?
The ladies at Bible study this morning prayed for you re: getting the house ready for sale, and the job application process. Did you find out if the principal meant he was posting the job before Thanksgiving break?
Tell Nathan we are praying for him.
Love you all!

kimsilver said...

I suppose it could be food poisoning--that is what I was thinking at first, too. But, he has been eating the same things as all the rest of us. His "nap" before didn't last long.....he woke up to vomit after about 20 minutes of rest.
Thanks for praying. I'll tell him.
One good thing, Nathan managed to throw up on basically the same spot on the carpet that the red stain is located. And-we hadn't had the carpets cleaned already. So I guess there are things to be thankful for. :0)
I didn't see Mr. Adkins today--he wasn't in, and I was only in I could back home to Nathan.
I WAS in long enough for a "friend" who was substituting for Mrs. Smith to tell me that we were going to be in competition for that long-term sub spot. Great. It didn't make me smile.

Kathryn said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon.
Ginger is used to treat nausea...not sure if a child would like the taste of it...but you can try a ginger tea. Those stomach cramps and wretching are the worst!