Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well--now I know.....

I now know that Nathan didn't have food poisoning. You know why? Because I woke up at 3:30am feeling lousy. One half hour later I was laying on the bathroom floor sweating (this is a bad sign for me.....I get overcome with heat right before I need to throw-up.) My body surprised me though...I had diarhea first. Thankfully, when I was finished I got up and thought to get a bucket, "just in case". In five minutes, I was back on the toilet--more diarhea, and then I was throwing up, too! At the same time....just like Nathan. VERY yucky.
I am sad--because I know what I am in for. I am already feeling like I need to get back to the bathroom. :0(


Mom said...

Oh no!! I'll call you later to see how you're doing...or you call me if you're feeling better.

deanna said...

Oh, dear... we all had that one year and it was miserable. I'm sensing that the group going to PA might get smaller by the minute.=( I hope you're all through it by Thanksgiving day!! Feel better soon!