Saturday, December 1, 2007

house update

We had a home inspector over at the new house today. Things looked good, with the exception of a hornet's nest in the crawl space, and some white residue in another spot of the crawl space that we need to ask about. I took a bunch more pictures (of the things I wanted to remember, like light fixtures ,and general room shots, floors, etc. Matt took photos of all the pipes, furnace, roof, water heater, etc. :0)
We had another walk through today at our house. It was another young guy. Then we have a 3rd showing with the original guy tomorrow. (That is a good sign, wouldn't you say?) Then another walk through with a new person after that. Not bad, huh?

These are exciting times!! I will post a link to the pictures once they are up somewhere I can share.


Kathryn said...

Wow, your house wasn't on the market for long. Real estate in Maine and CT is taking eons to sell. It's great that is not the situation there.

You must be getting excited!

kimsilver said...

actually-the housing market is really bad out here, too. the only reason we tried to put our house on the market was because we found a house we really liked in the neighborhood we wanted to live in. all the house prices are low compared to what their market value was a year ago....we listed ours $20,000 less than what it appraised at two years ago. there are houses for sale everywhere, and none are really moving. the only advantage we have is that we live in a desirable town with great schools, and we are trying to sell a "starter" home, so buyers can take advantage of the poor market, and most likely don't have a house to sell, too.