Thursday, December 20, 2007

SOLD! (Almost....)

Well--here we are again.....
Exciting news--we sold our house for the second time last night!
We excepted an offer after just one hour of negotiating. It literally was a new counter offer every 10 minutes for little over an hour. Hopefully, this time, things will stick! Our excepted offer is slightly more than last time, which is good news, too. :0) Of course, the difference is mostly being spent on improvements we are making (we scheduled these before the offer) to make sure the new inspection doesn't bring up some of the same issues it did before.

Today, an electrician is coming to move our outside power lines over a couple of feet where they connect to our house, so they are farther away from our deck--so that they are now within current code guidelines. (When our deck was built, the guidelines did not exist). Also, on Friday, the electrician is coming back to change our fuse box over to circuit breakers. This is not a safety issue--it is more or less something that just makes our house more livable. (Is that spelled right?) Fun stuff.

We leave for Colorado on Saturday. I feel so not prepared for us to leave. I have so much laundry to do. (With the electricity off for a lot of the day on Friday....this makes things difficult!) I haven't finished Christmas shopping either--I still have a few things to get, and all of the stocking stuff to buy. It will happen somehow.

Well-I better stop typing and go help jacob straighten his hair. He discovered this option a few days ago--and we have been doing it ever since. It looks cute with his blond highlights.


deanna said...

Here's a very cautious: Yay!! Congratulations!! Yippee!!!!

OK - back to my regularly scheduled good luck this time and I'll be praying fervently this one sticks!!;-)

kimsilver said...

Thanks, Deanna---I really appreciate those prayers!

mom said...

OK, yesterday when we were on the phone, I thought it was Ben who was straightening his hair...guess it was Jake! Or are they both doing it??

Kathryn said...

Great news! Keep us posted!