Monday, December 3, 2007

miracle! :0)

Last night, we accepted an offer after 5 hours of negotiations on our house! We actually sold it in less than a week....which in this market, is a miracle, as far as I am concerned! We are very excited, as you can imagine.
Our closing date is set for January 4th.

The only downside to this is that with this closing date, we will be packing and moving the week we were originally supposed to go to Colorado to visit my family for Christmas. It is very disappointing, as we would have loved to be all together for Christmas.....but, we also know that this would be the ideal time to get ourselves moved as it is the only time we both have two weeks off. We will be getting a POD to be filling on our own all month (we might need two PODs!)--so I suppose if we get ourselves all packed up BEFORE the end of December, we might have a chance of going.....but I don't see how that could happen. We would need to be completely packed with the exception of the bare essentials and furniture, all by December 21st. (We are leaving the furniture to the professionals.)

This whole packing thing is overwhelming to me. I don't even know how to approach it. Not to mention, we will need to get ourselves a gazillion boxes, and appropriate packing materials.

My guess is once we finally move in, it will take completely until the summer until we are fully unpacked. Working will slow down the rate of unpacking, I am sure. Especially if I am trying to swing my first teaching job, and dealing with preparations everday for the following day.

Even with all my concerns about packing and unpacking, and my small sadness about leaving our first home, I am VERY excited about moving into our beautiful new home! WOO HOO!! I am still in shock, and amazed at the swiftness of our home sale!


deanna said...

YAY!!! Wow and Congratulations!! What great news, no more showings, just packing. Woohoo! I'm very excited for you.

When we moved we got a ton of boxes from McDonalds. They were cube shaped, which was a great size for books - not too big. Not to mention, Christmas is a great time to get boxes from retailers - it's their busiest time of year.

Good luck with that - what an awesome Christmas present (just a tiny bit late!)

Kathryn said...

Congratulations! How awesome!

Dawn said...


Saw all the's even better than I originally thought! It is a great house with lots of extras. You guys are gonna love it! We're very happy for you!!

kimsilver said...

Thanks, girls! We are feeling very blessed. Tomorrow is our home inspection here....pray for everything to be of no major concern.

Dawn-thanks for the nice comments on our house pics. It is good to hear you like it--I value your opinion. I am just sorry the timing worked out the way it did....we wanted to see you! Maybe this summer.

themidget said...

Hey Kim,
OK, I am responding to this crazy blog thing just so you know that I am reading your every word. As I read between the lines it sounds like you still want to go to Colorado but the whole packing thing is what is troubling you. Maybe once you get started it won't be as bad as you think.