Sunday, December 9, 2007

Two to Go...

Well, it seems like I have completed a gazillion steps in getting my application complete--and now I just have two more steps to go. All that is left for me to do is my resume' (in which I planned the format already, I just have to figure out what my "bullets" are going to say), and finally, my letter of application (or cover letter)....which I don't think will be too difficult. Of course, i haven't worked on my portfolio yet.....but I am feeling like that is going to have to be something I work on slowly, and hopefully develop over time. Whatever is ready for the interview, I will bring. Thankfully, the portfolio is mainly used to give more insight into what kind of person/teacher I am and will be. I have an advantage, in that, the people interviewing me, already know me. So at least, I will not be relying entirely on my portfolio to make an impression. I would like to eventually have one--I just don't know how I will get it done before THIS interview.

Ben is going to weight training for diving tomorrow morning. He will be leaving the house at 5:15am! UGH. Then he has practice in the afternoon, which ends a 5pm. Talk about a long day!

Tomorrow is the first day of our Secret Santa program at school. We were supposed to get our person some kind of candy that represented them or the job they do. That is not as easy as it sounds. The person I got is a teacher in the Early Childhood Department. I ended up getting her Miniature Chocolate Bars, to represent her helping the "mini's" at our school. I know, I was stretching just a bit. I couldn't get something that represented her necessarily, because I really don't know her well. All I know is that she seems nice, and she is a bit (actually a lot) overweight. Not very helpful in helping me find candy to represent her!

Today we put up our Christmas tree, but decided not to take out all of our Christmas boxes that contained all of our decorations and "stuff". Mainly, because there is a lot of them, and we already have boxes mounting up around us. So, after a short discussion, and figuring next year we will most likely have TWO trees in our house (one in the front bay window-more for outside effect) and the regular family one in the family room.....we decided to just get a new tree skirt, and some general/basic Christmas balls to hang on the tree. (The we can use the stuff again next year on the LR tree.) I ended up going with a "snowflake" theme.....and bought things very different than we are used to. Our tree has white lights on it already. The tree skirt has white chenille hooked snowflakes on a felted light tan (?) skirt. Then I bought different size and shape glass ornaments. Mostly in silver, some frosted white, some with frosted snowflakes on silver or white. It is going to be different for sure......but, I think it will be pretty. Next year we will be back to putting all of our personal family ornaments on the tree. This year, it will feel good to not unpack all of them, and only enjoy them for a short time before we leave for Colorado.....and then have to pack them all back up again. This pared down look fits with the simplified theme we got going over here for showing the house, anyway. :0)

I haven't started shopping for Christmas presents yet. I am a bit worried! We haven't even talked about our budget for Christmas this year. Now that we aren't moving on Jan. 4th.....we will have a little more $$ to work with-but not much! It will have to be a pared down Christmas for gifts, too. I do need to get going on this, though. I am running our of time! There has been so much going on over here.....I just haven't gotten to the stores to concentrate on this. Soon......I hope!

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