Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Too busy--when can I think of Christmas?

I feel like there is always too much going on.

christmas is less than two weeks away, and I haven't started shopping yet. I am sooooooo behind. I haven't thought about christmas cards. I hope we get a great picture in colorado I can use for New year's Greetings, instead. Matt and I haven't decided what we are doing for the boys for christmas.....since originally we thought we were moving that week, so they thought they were just getting a new house for Christmas. Now that that isn't happening---we have to talk presents, for sure.

the house is on the market....and it is hard to keep up with the cleaning in the whirl wind of Christmas stuff. Just keeping up with mail and school papers is a task within itself. And then there is the dog hair...and dishes, and laundry, etc.!!

The long term sub job posting was listed on Monday. I am in a rush to finish uploading my "stuff".....I finished writing my resume tonight--got to still do my letter of application, though. the principal has, who knows when interviewng will be. I still think he will be determined to fit it in before break.....we will see.

I subbed for a kindergarten class yesterday. that was an experience. it had its great moments, and it's moments of panic. (like when I arrived and found out there were no sub plans left for me!) Yikes! I got through it fine, with the help of the PIR woman (Partners in Reading) that helps out with the class. Thankfully she was familiar with their routine. i was thankful that when the assistant principal stopped in, he was pleased with the "flow" of the class. Two points for me! :0)

Let's see, what else. I have been keeping up with the Secret Santa thing. Yesterday, I had to bring in something yummy for the person to make, with the recipe. Today, i brought in a handmade card, and poem with clues of who I was. All of these things are "assigned" tasks for the week. Tomorrow, it is bring something that smells good day. I will be bringing vanilla handcream and vanilla scented antibacterial wipes, packaged up pretty. Friday--is "appropriate beverage day". :0)

We found out this weekend that one of the dads from nathan's soccer team was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He is 37. they will have to remove his kidney, and when they are "in there" they will look to see if it has spread anywhere else. Please pray for him.....I am sure it is a very scary thing for his family. It is a really hard time of year for bad news.

We think we discovered a tumor on Emmy yesterday. she has got a marble (or bigger) sized "knot" behind her right front leg. She is due for her rabies shot this month, so when we bring her in for that, we will need to ask about it. Pray it is nothing to worry about.

I need to squeeze in a visit to the DMV before Monday (my birthday!) license expries then. I will finally get rid of the ugly picture that was taken in 1999 (?)....the last time I had to renew my license, I just got an updated expiration sticker. I don't really have time for this, though.

I also STILL have to register for two college classes to earn my 5 credit hours before July 2008. I don't want to lose my certification after all of this!! I am hoping to take a class in January and I better take care of this! Like NOW!

And finally--I need to locate my high school diploma somewhere. I am thinking of my friend deanna who talked of having to do this to be a lunch recess volunteer. Since I also need to give me transcript from college....why may I ask do they need a HS diploma?? Since when do they let non HS graduates into college? (I have to submit this stuff to the County Dept. of Education so I have all my paperwork to be an ENROLLMENT AIDE, which I have been doing for a year and a half.....and NOW they discover I am missing pieces needed for my file???? Hello?? Why didn't I get told this sooner?) Very sad. they must be a bit behind over there.

I am sure I am forgetting other things on my list. I feel every time I turn around there is something else.....and it needs to get done beofre Christmas. Can we celebrate Christmas a month from now instead???? :0(


the midget said...

Glad to hear that the resume is complete! I'll be praying that everything else goes well. Happy birthday if I don't see you before your big day.

the midget said...

Glad to hear that the resume is done. I'll be praying that everything else goes smoothly. Happy Birthday if I don't get to see you before then.

deanna said...

I do not understand the fixation with high school diplomas!!! One would think a college one would suffice, BUT NO!!

Good luck with all that. Honestly, I'd do the shopping online if I were you. I'm not finding anything I need in the stores lately. And it no longer matters what time of day I shop - it's always a zoo!!

Kathryn said...

It's overwhelming, I'm sure. Maybe you could get a couple things online (last time I looked, LLBean was still having a free shipping promotion), and then think of a group gift. Like, taking the boys somewhere special. Or maybe getting them one big ($$)gift each to avoid scurrying around for lots of smaller stuff. Good luck!

Keeping up the house for showing is tough, especially with dog hair. How about enlisting help from the boys--have one of them run the vacuum for you at the end of the day. I have been known to toss a dust cloth at Chris when he is parked in front of the TV...he can at least dust the living rm furniture off while he's in there! :-)