Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lamp makeover

I just realized that I never posted pictures of my chandelier makeover from last summer.....

Remember this?

Yup...ugly brass chandelier. It hung in my dining room when we first moved in. I hated it.

I noticed other bloggers spray painting everything in sight black, and saw a few lamp re-do's, too. So, I decided before I throw this brass baby away....I just might be able to make it fit my taste a little better. Out came the black spray paint....which I NEVER would have thought about using before! I hung the ugly thing on one of those iron staff plant hangers outside, and went to work. I think I sprayed 3 light coats for good coverage.

Then I added "mellow moss" (my days as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator make me think in their color palette) green lamp shades over all the fake candles......

And now the big reveal....


And another view, looking up:

And finally, a view of the room so far:

Okay....now I have bigger things to tackle....I am sure it is pretty obvious.
That. hideous. wallpaper.

I have plans for tackling that this summer. The dated stripes need to go. Right now the plan is to paint a "mellow moss" color. I also plan on changing out those curtains, and curtain rod.....the whole thing needs updating.

As for the LR, I haven't found the right wall art yet. I am still working on it. So, it looks rather blank in there. I am still deciding what to do about THOSE curtains, too. BUT- the furniture is a huge improvement over this:

Right? That "leather" couch was sitting on our curb when we moved in. Leave it to me to drag it back into the house---I just wanted something in our empty LR until we got new furniture. Maybe I should have just left it out there! :0)

Anyway....still lots to do. But, we are SSSSLLLOOOOOWWWWWLLLLYYYY getting there.


deanna said...

I love this lamp! We threw ours away (it was slightly more ornate) and bought one on clearance at Lowe's - for about $30. Wish I had tried this first!

kimsilver said...

Some of the blogs I visit are really amazing. People are just so creative. I love makeovers of any kind! I am glad I read about people spray painting their brass....I KNOW I wouldn't have thought of it myself. Now it looks like iron!
It makes me look at everything a little differently.

dawn said...

looks awesome, Kim! maybe someday I'll get to see it in person, huh?

Catherine said...

So I'm reading your post and thinking to myself, hmmm, why does Kim have wall paper when she clearly has much better taste then that. And then, I kept reading and was excited to hear you say the wall paper was coming down! Wall paper is such a pain in the butt and I hope to never have to deal with it!

kimsilver said...

Catherine-does that mean you won't be volunteering to help me take it down?
(And thank you for thinking I CLEARLY have better taste.) :0)