Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, I decided to sign up for a online Doodle class that Stephanie Ackerman is doing over at "Homegrown Hospitality" (blog link is in my "Places to Visit" section to the right.). Stephanie's doodles have caught my eye from the moment I saw them. When she offered an online class, I jumped at the chance to join in.

Her first assignment was to just color in one of her doodles. To play around with color and ways to decorate letters. Any opportunity at sitting down to color as an "assignment" is alright with me!

Here is what I did:

It was fun to just color.....a relaxing way to spend some time. Here are two close ups:

I am not sure the direction this class is going to go in. I am not sure exactly why I am taking it, other than to have the opportunity to try something that forces me to get my creative juices flowing in a very non-threatening way. For the last week, I have been trying to sit down everyday for at least a half hour to just play in my craft room. I find it really relaxing.

And, that is what summer vacation is for, right?


Mom said...

That looks like fun Kimmy! I love to color...so relaxing. I spend so much of my free time looking at everyone else's creativity on their blogs, that I don't do anything myself. Oh well.

deanna said...

Very cool!! What a neat idea - an online art class. Sounds like something I'd love to do, too!

kimsilver said...

You know Deanna.....she is still taking class registrations. And, since it is online and at your own pace, you aren't behind! (the class was $15 and I think it runs for 8 weeks.)
Just click on the Homegrown Hospitality link on my right margin if you are interested.