Saturday, June 6, 2009

birthday presents

did you ever notice that there ALWAYS seems to be a birthday party to attend? well....not actually for ME to attend. more like my boys always being invited to one. i cannot tell you how much money we have spent on birthday presents for kids i barely know.

and what to get these children i barely know?? my boys are no help. every time i ask what they think their friend might like, I get the same response. "i don't know." helpful, right? i know. normally i end up getting a Target giftcard and big hershey's chocolate bar. but, i find when getting a giftcard, you end up spending more money, because you don't want to appear overly cheap. of course, i also don't want to spend money on something the kid is not going to use, something he ends up throwing into the back of his closet for a couple of years.

so here is my question....
what do YOU get kids you barely know? i need ideas.


dawn said...

I don't know either! With Ian, he picks a toy he would like and we include the gift receipt. With Abby, she picks something girly her friend would like. But when she is invited to a boy's party--that's a rough one. gift card. and what to get your boys for that matter? gift card. I think it's boring, but abby says everyone likes them. The gift that keeps on giving...??

kimsilver said...

we went shopping tonight. not very successful. everything was either too little boyish, or too expensive. we ended up getting this novelty ball that had water and glitter in it. it bounces pretty high, and nathan thought it was cool. they had girly colors and boyish colors. (I know it sounds kind of girly in the description, but the way it works, it is kind of cool. ) Then we got a $10 giftcard to go with it. (the ball was a rip off at $8.) Plus we added a candybar. (who doesn't like a candy treat?) By the time we were done buying the card and giftbag, we were over $20. Just about what we end up spending on every birthday party. For kids we barely know. Sigh.