Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, in my previous post about checking Jacob into soccer camp....I forgot to mention another significant moment of that morning.

While standing in line in the scorching heat....a friend of mine said to the gentleman staff person (who I might add looked about 70 or so)...."Wow, this heat is killer. Makes me feel so tired and old!"

The gentleman eyed us both over carefully, and said..
"What?? You two don't look a day over 42. What are you complaining about?"

UMMMM......EXCUSE ME???!!!
A day over 42? FORTY-TWO??

(Normally, wouldn't you say, when you say something like perfect try and guess an age much YOUNGER than what they actually are?? You know, to be nice?)

Well....I would. AND...if that was the case.....and he guessed younger than what he thought I was.....
YIKES!! (Double Yikes!!)

I am 40!! FORTY!! So....I am NOT terribly happy, he thinks I look "not a day over 42!"


And so.........I guess...........

this is what I have to say to that:

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