Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am soooo tired!

So, I am completely tired. Last night I didn't fall asleep until about 2:30am. Not a big deal....that has happened before. But, unfortunately, for some reason, I found myself awake again at about 4am. Eyes opened, looking around, wondering why in the world am I alert. (???) I spent the next hour and a half tossing and turning, trying to force sleep. I was tired, I knew I was.....but my body just wasn't cooperating. Finally, I fell back to sleep at about 6am. Whew!

At 7am my alarm went off. Yup. We bought one of those water cooler things for our kitchen. It is supposed to make us want to drink more water. ( We'll see.) It was being delivered today sometime between 7am-12pm. (Why do they do that to us? Do they really have to be that vague?) I got out of bed, groggily, and threw the nearest T-shirt and shorts on. I then laid back down on the bed. Within minutes I had fallen back to sleep.

At 8am the doorbell rang. Shoot. I was still sleeping. I flew out of bed, and down the stairs without even looking in the mirror. My face felt puffy, and like it was drooping downward. I couldn't believe the water delivery guy was here. Why couldn't he come at 10 or 11?? I opened the door and said something to him. Not sure what.....I may have been still sleeping. I remember apologizing and telling him I fell back to sleep. Then I thought of my hair. OH my gosh!! If you have curly hair that frizzes with just the least amount of movement, like mine does.....you know what my hair looked like after a night of tossing and turning. I was not a pretty sight. I started feeling bad for the delivery guy. Plus, my breath must have been killer. UGH. The guy placed three 5 gallon jugs into my garage, and brought a fourth into my house. He placed a stainless steel water cooler base next to my sliding glass door, and explained to me how the unit worked. (I think.....honestly I don't remember what he said exactly, I just remember him saying something about leaky bottles, letting the hot water heater heat the water for about a half hour after a new jug is placed on top, he asked about my kids ages......mentioned something about jotting a note to the delivery guy if we want changes in any part of the delivery.....and a few other things.) Then I thanked him and he left.

Finally, I went into the bathroom (I hadn't even had my morning pee yet). That is when I saw myself for the first time. Oh dear. I had wildly big hair, a puffy face with pillowcase wrinkles in it, sleepies in my eyes, and leftover mascara rubbed onto my eyelids and underneath. I was a beauty for sure. Good thing I already have a husband and I don't have to impress anybody!

The rest of this day (so far) all I can think about is when I can get back to sleep. Both Jake and Nate have friends over....so no chance for a nap. Would 7pm be too early to get under my covers?

I am supposed to be cleaning for my mom and dad's visit coming up....hopefully, Thursday. (Mom is sick today...so we have to see.) I am not making much progress though. I vacuumed the FR carpet. I filled the dishwasher and rested my head on the counter. I drove my oldest son to his friend's house across town, and picked up McDonald's for the other boys. I brushed the dog and tried to remove the large amounts of shedding hair. The cleaning is not going well, I tell ya.

So now, I am drinking a giant Diet Coke, hoping the caffeine will take hold of me...and give me a fighting chance to complete my day. I am also sitting on my bed while I type this. Not a good idea, folks. My pillow is looking very soft and inviting. How nice a little rest sounds right now. Just a few minutes, I promise.......

I better get off this bed.

Oh wait- no worries about me falling asleep----I now have 8 boys (count 'em...8!) running around my house hanging out in various rooms. Yes, the cleaning will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

sounds like I'm not the only one with the lack of sleep.... oh gotta love the bed head too.

Kathryn said...

Yikes! You've got your hands full. Hope you can rest tonight.