Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Happy

I have been going a little blog happy over here. What does that mean? I can't control myself from checking out a bunch of blogs that are written by people I don't even know. My two favorites currently are:

The Pioneer Woman


The Nesting Place

My mom pointed me to "The Nesting Place" blog 2 days ago, and told me to look at the "window mistreatment" links there. I need to come up with some sort of new window treatments for my LR and DR, because the ones that are there now, while custom made for the windows....are just plain....well.....dreadful. (Again, my thoughts go to the fact that right about now, a picture showing you my current treatments would be helpful. I NEED to learn how to post photos on this thing! Arrrgh!) Anyway, "The Nesting Place" is chock full of budget friendly decorating ideas. The woman who writes the blog, "the Nester" is a funny and joyful Christian woman, who just moved to a smaller "nest" with her family (husband and 3 boys), to cut back on monthly payments they were making, to help get them out of debt. Good for them! I always admire people who can make hard decisions and act on them. She is a creative person with wonderful taste, and I am drawn to her style of decorating--I am just filled with inspiration!

The Nester actually reminds me a little of my long ago friend, Shelley. Shelley also had a zest for life, and decor. She was an art major, who had no fear in trying something new in her house, no matter how unusual her ideas seemed to others. Somehow, she always made things work. She also had a very little budget to work with, and either made her home decorations, or bought them at discount stores, yard sales, or at TJMaxx type places. She once gave me a funny casserole dish for my birthday. It was the first domestic-type gift I had ever received from someone other than my mom, or wasn't given to me at my bridal shower. I admit, when I first opened it, I thought it a bit odd....I was 23, and still hadn't embraced fully my role as a domestic chicky. But, I loved it too. I felt sad as I noticed it didn't survive our move in January. Not because the casserole was something I used often.....truthfully, it was a little ugly. It was a large rectangle shaped ashtray, with fruit painted on the bottom. BUT- it was sad just the same. It symbolized my early years as a wife and a mom. And, it also made me remember my friend. I loved her.....but she moved away, and over a series of many different events in her life, she became a different person, and cut ties with all her friends and her faith. But, I digress.

While visiting the two blogs I sited above.....I have also clicked on blogsites that they highlight. What fun this has been! I have also found I secretly wish I lived closer to The Nester, I'd want to be her friend. :0) Does that make me sad or creepy?? I hope not.

As a side note--I am suddenly filled with domestic urges. I feel like putting more effort into my home, my meals, my cleaning. I feel like shopping for fabric, and paint, and bargains. I feel like stretching myself creatively....thinking outside the box a little, etc. It feels good. :0)

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Stephanie said...

hi there...I hear you on the "blog happy" & thank you for listing Homegrown Hospitality on the "Places you Visit" list!!!

It makes me happy...!