Sunday, July 20, 2008

Doggie Duo

So...we have been watching our friends' dog for them these last few days while they were on vacation, and we are bringing her back tonight, so I figured I'd post some pictures of their dog and our dog together. They get along quite well....and follow each other everywhere. Usually, it is hard to see one and not the other directly behind. Of course, while I was trying to get just one decent picture of the two together......they seemed to make a pact to separate!

First, let me introduce them individually.....
this black lab is ours....her name is Emmy. She is a GREAT dog. Very obedient, loving, but a bit fat. :0(

This adorable pup is Shiloh. She is a Burnese Mountain dog. Isn't she pretty? This is our friends' dog, and we like her. :0) She is sweet, goofy, and aims to please.

They weren't cooperating when I tried to get a picture of the two together..... so I gave them each a small bone to eat, because the last time I did that, they laid down right next to each other and chewed away. This time though, they left quite a bit of space. I almost didn't get them in the same shot.

Do you see Shiloh way back in the dining room? She is next to the light fixture that is on the floor. Why do we have a light fixture on the floor?? It is down there because my hubby removed it so I could spray paint it black (a bit of an experiment), like a few other bloggers have done, and I decided if they could do it, so can I! (I just haven't done it yet...but I will.) Anyway-Shiloh is back there. The other black dog NOT chewing a bone is Nathan's stuffed doggie. Obviously, there weren't enough big dogs to step over in this house already, so this one made it down to the LR, too.

Next, I took this shot.....where you get to see our unfinished embarrassing mismatched LR. We just moved in.....we need more time! (How long am I allowed to use that excuse??) I would also like to point out, that that cream colored couch was on our curb on closing day. We pushed it into our garage, (through a layer of snow!) and it is serving the purpose of "place holder" for the new couch we hope to get someday. I am not a fan of this couch. I think it is ugly. The more I look at it, the more I just want it gone. Notice that the same stuffed dog made this picture, too.

Finally, I got the help of Nathan, who made the two dogs sit next to each other. It took a lot of effort, and coaxing, and us saying "stay" over and over....but I got a picture. Unfortunately, it is not a very good one. Both dogs look a little uncomfortable. Emmy looks especially hunched over. She also left as soon as the picture was taken.

So....there you have it. Aren't you glad I learned how to post photos? Now you won't be able to stop me!