Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hot, muggy night

My mom and dad were just visiting from Colorado. It was fun having them. We gave them the tour of our new house, spent the 4th of July together BBQ-ing and going to see fireworks, did some shopping, Matt and Dad went golfing, we went to see Wall-E, played a couple of rounds of Apples to Apples, went out to eat, hung out, and generally enjoyed each other's company. They left today. For the whole time they were here, the weather was beautiful (with the exception of a short storm here and there). The temperature was warm but a cool breeze was always blowing. We had little to no humidity. The nights were cool and pleasant....

Gone went my parents, and gone went the weather. It started changing sometime yesterday, as it started to feel like the humidity was creeping back in. Today it was hot (87*), muggy, and the breeze was warm. Tonight, after a yummy dinner of salad, cold steak, and baked potatoes (we wanted to eat our leftovers!), Matt and I decided it would be a nice idea to take Emmy for a walk around the neighborhood. We walked Emmy for about a half hour, and returned her to the house.....it was just so sticky and warm, and she needed a drink! Then we left her to cool off, and we went back out for another half hour or so. It was nice, and I felt I must have burned some calories, (probally about 23), but it was just way too muggy! Can we talk about bad humidity-induced frizzy hair?

Then, if I wasn't sticky enough, I went back outside when we got home to do a little pruning of some of my plants. They needed it. I got about a quarter of the way through before I had to give up. I was dripping wet from sweat, little buggies like gnats and lightning bugs were swarming my head and arms, and it was generally very icky out there. So I came in.

Now I sit on my bed, under the air conditioning vent, with a fan blowing on me, wishing for that cool, non-sticky, breezy weather we had for all about a week here in the suburbs of Chicago. Mom and Dad, did you pack it up with the rest of your stuff? If so, PLEASE bring it back!!

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deanna said...

Sounds like you could be my next door neighbor! I want my dry air back!!